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Thread: Does my bike look too big for my lack of skills

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyPuppy View Post
    Good point. The best way to work on your skills and improve riding is get on a bicycle. ..
    That would work, I see lots of people going over the handle bars on those things.

    Rider size makes zero difference just as long as you can reach the controls, for the bike she is on,
    Pegs are the controls, if your feet are not on them you are either not in control or doing something very fancy.
    She let go of control. the bike felt wobbly so her brain decided to return to walking for a while

    There is no shame in it unless you fail to learn from your mistakes and correct them. She needs to buy a stupid little dirt bike and take it out to the bottom of an abandoned sand pit, desert or grassy knoll, wear the correct gear and crash a few dozen more times. Then start following somebody that can ride better. That's important ride with riders that are better then you
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