I visit motorcycle forums often. I see the traffic they get. Yes, it is less than before for other sites also, but only this forum has died on the vine. Others see plenty of traffic, even in the environment of other social media giants.

I have my theory "why" this site in particular, is sick. It starts with the name of the site. Some may be "put off" by the slang term "bikers." (Just a theory, here.) And since not many like to admit they're a "beginner" at anything, it doesn't register on searches. Or, they bypass the recommendation with their eyes.

All I can say, is that other sites are getting bombarded with requests: "What bike should I get?" & other things this site is designed for. And yet, here we are. Ok, here I am. I've been guilty of leaving this site too, as there isn't much traffic, anymore.

One would think that with so many at home, with COVID-19 threatening (not really,) that aimless computer time would reign supreme. (I dunno, maybe it is...) It's just not here.

So, what's inna name? Marketing? You bet it is!

(Nope, I'm not saying we should change the name of the site.) And nope, I'm not "starting my own domain." (BTDT.)




Let's see if anyone see's this before Summer....