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Thread: Anybody here into Trials

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    Ladies first

    and pre-teens

    most of these pics were taken at a CMA National event my wife and I hosted last year, we have some small videos and if I can figure out how to post them I will. Next event is Ioco B.C. May 14 and 15 (near Port Moody) if anyone is looking to do a road run in the Vancouver area, starts around 9:00, this is your big chance to see it live. Entry fee to ride but free to spectate, you might need to sign a waiver because you will be standing within a few feet of the action. Introduce yourself to #51 if you attend.

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    I am not showing this to my daughter...then she will start with the "can I, can I, can I...", not that she isn't already about a scooter for her 14th birthday (teens can ride them here in Alberta...learners license at 14 here...too young IMO)...but this she would want now...and I would have to join her, can't have my 12yo better at riding than I am...

    Looks like an absolute blast...that can be next years "can I, can I, can I..."

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    very cool. Looking forward to seeing the vids
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    Amazing stuff. I want to learn to ride dirt in general! Thanks for sharing the photos and making me appropriately jealous.
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    I guess we found the next item on our "learn to do" list
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    I try to avoid the courthouse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
    I try to avoid the courthouse
    No dude I think you should totally ride that FZ1 up over the steps of the capitol building.
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    And was I just imagining what it would be like to ride my bike down the stairs into the lower parking deck at 29th street mall ... you are a bad/good influence!
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    Too cool not to share, check out how high up a tree Toni Bou can climb

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    Trials riders just serve to remind us mere mortals how sucky we are on two wheels....
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