...and finally got my M endorsement!

Just kidding, I've had that for a while now. Nay, I merely went there to donate to the state coffers once again via a registration renewal but this time I took the Rebel. I figured while I was there I'd take a putt around their riding test course, something I've been dying to try on the Rebel. I mean I've done it with every other bike I own or owned (which includes attempts on my long fork bikes LOL) and even with a few friends' bikes as I gave them pointers on negotiating the weave and box...but I've never done it on the demure Rebel.

In comparison to all those other bikes, I felt like I was filming Jerry "Motorman" Palladino's Ride Like A Pro Volume 6 DVD. I wasn't just making the box with room to spare, I was doing full lock circles and hitting it with each lap...which is quite a feat considering I have to maneuver my knee away from the tank in order to let the bar close in that tight (you know, so as to to not pin my knee and lose that extra bit of tighter turning)...thereby making the foot brake rather awkward to incorporate. The offset weave was a blast, I laughed out loud as I remembered how much trouble that gave me all those years ago as I was now wicking through it with the greatest of ease. "Look, ma...one hand." Stopping at the first hash mark. Going through the weave and box from the opposite direction. Not once putting a foot down. Making stuff up along the way...like throwing in a few more of those weaves because five wasn't enough.

I had to flip the reserve, I must have been tooling around that course for a good half hour or so. As I was leaving I saw someone practicing parallel parking with a Smart car, and my first thought was "That's cheating"...and then I remembered what bike I was riding on this test course that never seemed easier.

Man, it was F-U-N. Effin' fun.

And I can see why the MSF loves these Rebels. What I can't see is why so many people insist that bigger is better for a first bike.