Very early this year - I called the local MS course administrator to ask when the course would be this year - (I am NEW NEW NEW ). After a couple of Q&As she said something along the lines of 'So Im wanting to video tape the classroom portion of this, if you agree to be one of the students for the video - Ill pay for your course'

Um. YA!

So, in April of this year I expect to be doing just that.

In the meantime, I have taken the sample knowledge test online at least a dozen times and I can now score 100% each time. I have watched that MST and the Road test on youtube just waiting until the day.

I went to the Tradex in Jan and attended the annual Motorcycle show. What an amazing and breathtaking display of beautiful machines!

After sitting on a few - I got the feel of the weights and peddle positions to suit my body build.

Ended up buying an armored jacket and as soon as that sale was complete - my mind started autosearching for a bike.

with the help of the amazing man in my life - I now own a beautiful 2014 Honda Shadow Phantom 750cc. Im tapping my toes and taking deep breaths in anticipation of the day I will ride my own bike for the first time. And freedom will be found

Keep up the great advise and stories on here please. I look forward to sharing my first road trip story with you all