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RIP "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes

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  • RIP "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes

    If you grew up watching wrestling, you know who Dusty Rhodes was. If not? Then you might not have ever heard of him.

    Growing up, some of my best memories from my pre-teen and early teen years were from being among the first in our extended family to have cable and inviting all my cousins and their families over on Saturday evenings to watch wrestling from Georgia and the Mid-Atlantic areas on TBS.

    Looking at the performers from today, you would never imagine he was a guy who could go for more than an hour, several days a week.

    An amazing performer who even now, years after his in-ring retirement, will be missed.
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    I grew up with the early days of WWF and am quite familiar with him and many others of that era. I used to work across the street from Caesar's Palace where Wrestlemania was hosted and served a lot of the wrestling stars that stayed at said property across the street, and some of them even frequented the property several times a year outside of WWF activities like Mark Calloway (the Undertaker). I even went to high school with Shawn Hickenbottom (AKA Shawn Michaels) when I lived in Texas. I never got to meet Rhodes though.
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      rip I never knew people admitted to watching wrestling

      Roddy Piper is my favourite, though many stand out.
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        I grew up watching WWF during the days of the Iron Sheik, Piper, the beginnings of Hulkamania, and Randy "macho man" Savage. Strangely I've never gotten into following MMA.
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          "Haystack" Calhoun was my hero. Go ahead, look him up!
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            Being from Pittsburgh, the matches that Bruno had with Calhoun are still somewhat legendary.
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