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Spoler... To all my friends who are Paxkers fans....

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  • Spoler... To all my friends who are Paxkers fans....

    I am woman enough to say that I congratulate you on a game well played. We(Ben you ass) didn't bring our A game. 3 interceptions/turn-overs? Might be that Big Ben is looking for another job soon enough.

    That should read Packers fans not Paxker fans....
    Darlene The Goddess

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    I wouldn't dump it on Ben. He didn't commit the fumble and the first interception was because he got hit while throwing. Blame that one on the O-line. If the defense had held after any one of the turnovers the Steelers would have won.

    I think this was a whole team loss.
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      You're right. I still think he was not quite their but you're tight his O Line should have been giving him the time. What a great Defense Line that both of the teams had. They put up a good game!
      Darlene The Goddess


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        The Steeler Defense failed to defend the pass sufficiently. The Packers barely ran the ball. The 21 points off of turn-overs truly was the game-breaker.
        Chad Wilson

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