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Super Bowl .. who wins ... Steelers or Packers?

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    Steelers..... just 'cause Ive been indoctrinated to hate the Packers
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      Originally posted by ymibhdu View Post
      The Packers use the local college's cheerleaders. They couldn't come to Dallas. Something about a restraining order. Having to keep 100 yards from.....

      I have to be at work at 9pm (a totally pointless proposition since everybody will call off anyway) so I won't be watching the game.

      The team I root for always loses when I listen to any game for any sport on the radio so I probably won't even know who won until somebody tells me.

      By and large I couldn't normally care less who wins the Super Bowl. I'm still convinced the whole thing is fake. That said, I can't bring myself to root for the local sex offender supporting contingent.
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        As a Redskin fan of over 40 who has endured 20 years of pain and embarrassment and the tyranny of Little Danny Snyder, I can truthfully say that over that same time period my second favorite team has been the STEELERS!
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