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  • Midwest storm

    How's everyone doing so far?

    Slid into work this AM after round 1 of ice, slid home this afternoon in nastier ice in early round 2. I get to do it again tomorrow too, that should be really entertaining.
    Fortunately Wendy's university (Butler) closed today and tomorrow, so she doesn't have to try to get in. So far power still on, but I doubt that will last. Lot of ice already on the trees and power lines with more to come and winds picking up to 40 mph tonight and tomorrow. Yech!

    Smurf? My offer still stands to trade this for your snow.

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    Tom, I left work early around 10 am because I didn't know how bad it was going to get here. It's still snowing, and it's looking like we'll have a total of about 10-12 inches when it's all said and done. Just to the south and east of here (next county over!), they are getting 2 feet of the stuff. I will likely be going in to work tomorrow.

    Tomorrow night it's supposed to drop into the minus digits...they're forecasting -7 as of right now. Insult to injury.
    Originally posted by Bugguts
    Hey, at my age running hot and loss of spark is a common problem.
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      And I still say not only no, HELL NO!!!!! We got a dusting out of round 1 and round 2 has yet to start.....theoretically, we're going to have 8-10" on the ground by morning.
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      Originally posted by Overcaffeinated
      Oh, hell, Smurf's right.
      First Missouri, then Minnesota, now is my goal in life to live in every state that starts with "M" before I die.....


      Didn't vote??? Don't whine....

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        Here in SLC it's sunny but FRIGGIN FRIGID! lol

        I have a friend in Tulsa who is telling me it's terrible there. Her teen daughter drove off in the storm to go sledding (against mom's wishes but she's young and "can drive" ... ). My friend got nervous after not hearing from her (and she would not answer her phone) so my friend decided to go out after her. She high centered her Toyota Tacoma trying to get down teh driveway! She says it's bad there.

        Y'all take care over that way!
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          Stay safe you guys...
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            I'm getting ready for it. We're supposed to have near 2' when it's finished. Michigan State University has already canceled classes for tomorrow, and they NEVER cancel classes. This might be the third time in the past thirty years. The good thing is that I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow, except for running my newly acquired snow blower. Be careful out there.
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              Time to oil up the ole' backup generators, guys!
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                They sent us home from work at 3:30. I've already got about a 2' drift in the driveway.

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                  They sent everyone home from work today... but, since I work from home, I didn't get to leave...

                  Already been out in the Jeep twice today, getting worse each time. I'm not worried personally until it gets over 18" on the ground, which isn't supposed to happen until morning around here, if at all.

                  Of course, it's all rearranging itself as we type, with winds gusting in the 40s already, with 50s and thunder expected this evening and tomorrow.

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                    Awww!!! We NEVER get snow days. It was -13 this morning, there's a heat wave of -2 now, and it is expected to be -20 (still air) tonight. With wind chill there are places that cold see -32. Did I move to Fargo? or Antarctica?

                    Plug your bikes into your battery tenders folks. A partially (45%) discharged battery could freeze at -20, a fresh battery freezes well below that. Or pull the battery and move it indoors.
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                      We've only gotten a dusting of snow here, maybe an inch. But holy hell is it cold. One freakin' degree above zero at 2:30 in the afternoon!


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                        Only supposed to get to -5 here, if that much. Still a chance of 1-2" of snow tonight, so it may be slippery in the morning. If it is? I'm coming in late. After yesterday morning's experience, if I'm going out on a skating rink, I wanna do it when it's not very highly populated.


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                          Only suppose to be 70 tonight. Sun and clouds tomorrow, high of only 80. Hopefully I can grab my chair early and listen to how bad it it back home
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                            They are backing down here. I think it is down to 5-10" here at the house and only a little more in Rochester (30 miles north). Amount depends on how much is sleet. Blowing and drifting will be more fun.

                            My wife just got a call on power out procedures for the Dollar General that she is scheduled to open at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

                            I'm staying home anyway. If my phone goes out I won't even have to call in for meetings.



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                              I can't even see across the road that runs in front of my house right now.

                              2006 Ninja 650R (1000 miles and counting.)
                              1997 Bandit 1200S (19000 miles and counting.)
                              1993 Katana 600 (7000 miles) [Sold]
                              1982 Maxim 400 (1125 miles) [Sold]