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  • PS. Norty, you are looking great!!!
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    If loud pipes save lives, imagine what learning to RIDE that thing will do!


    • Was -19C here last night, which is still not really that bad for Canada -20C is cold enough to literally destroy soft compound tires. I've seen -40 in past years, that's where C meets F and is cold enough to make metal brittle, that's something you don't want to experience too often.
      Can't complain this year unless you want to ride snowmobiles, looks like snowmobile season will be 3 months at most here and I'm feeling kind of happy that I bought another Montesa instead of a new snow machine.

      Can I show off my dog now say Hi Stuka

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      • Usually, I look like this....

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        Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


        • Well, I found this thread for the bar, now to see if I find it in the main list.
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