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  • If you look close, you might see someone just to the left of the waterfall. You know, just for scale.
    Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


    • Anyone know what kind of tree this is? Don't recall this.
      Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


      • Tree canopy adjacent to the Rainbow Falls. Kinda scary lookin'!
        Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


        • Clear, warm water!
          Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


          • Wow Norty and Terry ... enjoy! And I know you will ...

            The Alaska trip seems to be easily falling to hand. Gigi wants to fly out and meet me somewhere in Alaska ... then tour a bit 2-up and come back 48 states via the Alaska ferry on the inland waterway... then a little 3,150 jaunt home from Bellingham, WA to Manteo, NC.

            A friend immediately offered to dog sit our two dogs. And people who complain about me going away on our annual trek to Arizona seem to be 'Wow Alaska ... go for it...'

            When I first got the call I nearly said 'no' outright. But my friend invited me to 'think about it'. Quite a bit of planning to do ... but it seems ... doable.
            The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is gas.


            • Glad to hear that it may work out for the trip. Looking forward to the daily reports and pics from you.
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              • There will be a lot less photos without Gigi on the first half of the trip ... but maybe enough to inspire some others to 'get out of town' ...
                The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is gas.


                • So now I'm of jealous of OBX and Norty and Terri.

                  Although, this time last year I was on O'ahu for 11 days. But I wouldn't be upset if I had to go back.

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                  • Hi everyone.

                    A quick update on life.

                    Going to settlement on our new abode a week from today. Every evening is being spent packing. I hate moving!

                    Anyway, my only riding has been back and forth to work or the range. New place is much closer to great riding roads (Well...It is smack dab in the middle of great riding roads) so things should improve as soon as we unload the "Pods" full of our stuff!

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                    Originally posted by atomicalex
                    It feeds my love of machinery to be that close with my whole body.


                    • Hello everyone!
                      Chilly 61F currently. Gotta heat wave today and tomorrow. Supposed to get up to 75F. Already clear outside. (It's 0655 as I type this.)
                      Water temp is 64F. Kinda chilly too.
                      Waves are 3' to 6' with 8' sets possible.
                      No rain until November (or so.)
                      Think I'll ride to work today. (Actually, I should probably walk.) Prolly take the better part of an hour to walk it. Then I'd have to walk home, and that isn't happening!

                      Fruit smoothies sure are good for breakfast!
                      Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


                      • Originally posted by NORTY View Post

                        Anyone know what kind of tree this is? Don't recall this.
                        Norty, did you ever figure out what that tree was, I'm thinking it's an Acer Japonicum (Japanese Maple) or Acer palmatum

                        Leaf would look something like this:


                        • I'll revisit the tree and get a close up on a leaf.
                          Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


                          • Gigi says Japanese Maple ... very mature Blood Good Japanese Maple ...
                            The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is gas.


                            • Who tracked all these little red leaves in here?????

                              ******sweeps floor under bar stools***********
                              Originally posted by bikebitsmall
                              64 is not old, we have one poster here at 110
                              Originally posted by CaptCrash
                              A body not rattling was a body unsure.


                              • Buggs It always makes me happy when you show up.