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  • bug...

    I'm in the forums, I want to get back to the main forum screen, I click on "" from the outline view and it take me to the home page.

    It should go to the forum home page.
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    When you want to get back can you not just click "forums" next to "home" in the bar with console, articles, gallery, links, members list, etc., etc. to get back?

    Or have I misunderstood your question?



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      That's true, but it's not logical not to go back to the start of the forums.
      '05 BMW R1200 GS
      '04 BMW R1150 RT


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        I see what you're saying...
        The actual outline, say for where we are now, would be:>Forum>Site Discussion>Suggestion Box

        Makes sense to me.

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          It used to work that way and was changed down the road. It think the admin wants to use the home page to get everywhere. It makes sense with the new content added with articles, garage, pics, etc. I'm looking forward to this site being more than forums.

          That being said... I spend 95% of my time in the forums too. I think we have a great community here and will be building on what could be a great site.
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            Since the move, and the directory's been this way. There are various settings that ask for the forum URL and so on, but it is based on a directory url, not an actual page url. I've been contemplated renaming the home page, I suppose it wouldn't hurt anything but I would need to rewrite an .htaccess file, which I just havent had time to do yet. It'll all work out...since it's not mission critical though, its down on the laundry list.
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