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You've all been banned!

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  • You've all been banned!

    I've been posting from my iPhone this morning from TapaTalk. Looking around I wanted to msg CaptCrash. Tapped on his name and his profile came up and it said "This used has been banned."

    $&@?! ?

    So I tried getting in touch with ShadowShack. But TapaTalk says he's banned too!

    Obviously a bug as every other user also says banned on their profile, but it made me giggle. Check it out. I've been banned too lol

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    Well, obvioulsy you are BAD, why else would you be banned? lol
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      Looks like I'm not alone lol

      Anyone else getting this?


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        That Missy...she's gone plum crazy!!!
        Originally posted by Bugguts
        Hey, at my age running hot and loss of spark is a common problem.
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          I just love that emoticon.
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