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    well for anyone that want to web browse with a pda/pocketpc, try out makes it so you dont have to side scroll on any pages. seems pretty decent to me, and free of course.


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      Originally posted by dboogie2288
      Well the donations gathered recently bought VB...anything collected from here until early spring will be put towards an advertising campaign. Business cards are being designed and I am dealing with ABATE and MSF to get into some classes and hand out cards for newbies...but we'll see.
      Me and Catt will add the site to our 'tipsheet' we hand out in class, if you don't mind.
      Originally posted by OBX-RIDER
      put the whiffer in the dilly


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        Originally posted by LoDownSinner
        Me and Catt will add the site to our 'tipsheet' we hand out in class, if you don't mind.
        I'd much appreciate it, any foot in the door is a good one. What class do you teach?
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          I wouldn't use it. Then again, I'm not the average guy. When I leave the house I leave to get away from people, no use in brining along a way for them to bother you .

          Atleast don't drop your own cash in it, maybe set up a donnation account especially for the cell phone option. Don't think there'd be enough people donnating? Then theres probly not a big enough demand to implement it!

          Just my thoughts on it, it's your money, if you wanna blow it on us thats fine .

          Thanks for the forum though, great job so far.