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  • Picture uploading

    I've noticed that a number of new people have trouble uploading pictures into a message. You can count me in that group even though I have been here a while. Do you think it would be possible to make a list of the exact steps one needs to take to upload a picture within a post somewhere on the forum and then save it as a sticky? All I know is that the process recommended by a some includes having an account at a site such as "photobucket". Having an account like that and adding pictures from your own personal picture files is one thing. What does one do after that to get the pictures here?

    The process may seem obvious for the computer literate. I am not counted amoung those savvy people. I need a very specific step by step procedure written out if I am to ever have success uploading pictures to posts.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Open a photobucket account.

    Once you have an account and are logged into photobucket, click on the "my album" tab.

    In the upper right will be three spaces with a "Browse" button next to them. Click into one of those spaces and click "Browse."

    Browse to the directory on your computer where your pictures are stored. Select the picture you want to upload. Repeat for more than one picture.

    Then click the "Upload" button in photobucket. Depending on the size of the pic, your internet speed, and how many pics you are uploading, this can take awhile.

    When it is finished uploading, it will display your pictures below the "Browse/Upload" area on the page.

    Each of the images will have four tags/codes below them. Click on the one that starts with [IMG] so that the full code string is highlighted. Then right click on it and select "Copy."

    In your BBO post, just right click again and select "Paste" to insert the link. It will display in the completed post as a photo.


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      Jo beat me to it, but I do it a little differently (maybe that's why there's not a sticky ...)

      Once the pic is uploaded to Photobucket, you'll see four codes below each one.

      Click on the "Direct Link" code and you should get a little message bubble that says "copied".

      Then, in your BBO message, click on the "insert image" icon (the yellow one with the mountain).

      In the dialog box that comes up, delete the http:// , then right click in the box and click paste (this will paste the "direct link" code that you copied in Photobucket earlier).

      You'll only see the image code in your message as you're typing, but you can check the size or placement with the "Preview Post" button.

      Hope that helps!
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        Hey Guys that was Great info for everyone...wonder if we could get it as a sticky for future reference.
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          Moved to help desk forum and stickied.
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            Thanks everyone! Now there's hope


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              Google Picasa is good too, and it's free. It stores all your pictures in one place and much, much more.

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                We also have our own photo gallery. It's down for some renovations right now, but it does work, and its just as easy to use for the occasional upload. Not to say it cant handle all the pictures you may have....but using photobucket or whatever has its advantages like bulk uploads.
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                  Originally posted by Cindy View Post
                  Google Picasa is good too, and it's free. It stores all your pictures in one place and much, much more.

                  Personally, I like Flickr (, not least because it doesn't seem to get blocked as often as more popular, well-known sites like Photobucket. They also do batch uploading.
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                    Like db said, until we get our own upload stuff back online, you'll have to have your images hosted elswhere and use the "[IMG]url of image[/IMG]" tag to post images.

                    We have had a weird glitch with the quick reply box and with quick edit where the first image will show up as a link instead of an image. Don't have that figured out, but if you use "go advanced" or "preview" to post images you shouldn't have a problem.

                    Meanwhile check this link from within our FAQ's for help with using codes while posting:

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                      TEST PIC
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                        Does anyone have experience with posting pix from Smugmug? I already have an account there, and my pix are uploaded there. I'm not too interested in setting up another picture hosting account with Photobucket. So would like to avoid that if possible. Anybody?


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                          I've not personally used them, but I know others here have.

                          My suggestion: If you're on Smugmug you should be able to copy the direct link to the individual image you wish to post. If that isn't obvious, while viewing just the individual image you can copy the URL from the address bar.

                          Then in the reply box insert that URL into the VB Image tags, or you can use the "insert image" icon at the top of the reply or post box which will insert the tags automatically. If you use the icon, make sure you click the "From URL" tab rather than having the "From Computer" tab selected.

                          I hope that helps!
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                            PS if you want to do it without using the icon... the format for the image tags is the following EXCEPT LEAVE OUT THE EXTRA SPACE I had to add so you can see it:

                            [i mg]URL[/img]

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                              Thank you Tom! I hadn't been able to get the image icon to work for me. It kept giving an error message. But the img's front and back seem to work.


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