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Motocamping Trip with Daughter, Sept 2016

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    Originally posted by AZridered View Post
    More likely from those who know the process. That said, we do have a place for everything. There is a 'guns' thread somewhere on here and there's also the Lounge, both places where conversations (and images) which are likely to offend could be posted. I could understand where discussion of hunting would found offensive to someone who has chosen to follow Vegetarian practices. Such things would be pretty easy to avoid, unless they pop up unexpectedly in a "Camping with my kids" thread.

    I know. But you oughta know by now I'm never going pass up a chance to an @$$ and offend people. I actually had a REALLY good conversation with a fellow BBO'er, who also happens to be vegan, about a week ago. We actually agreed on a LOT of things.

    Missy usually does start a specific thread based on the year for people to post hunting pics. I'm sure she may have caught flak from even putting things in her own thread, that was even marked, "don't open if you don't if don't know where meat comes from" (my words, not hers).

    My biggest thing is that I don't want to see pictures of people's front porches with bundles of dried cornstalks and stacks of straw bails and pumpkins. The thought of those innocent vegetables and grasses being slaughtered for decoration is absolutely deplorable and offensive.

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      I posted in my ongoing hunting thread. Marked 2013 but I've been posting in that one each year since it's already there and marked "don't open" for those that don't care.
      And..there will still be someone who doesn't care that posts, which gets old, so I wasn't going to bother, but....whatever.
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        Going back to the original point of this thread .. Missy and Kacie doing motocamping on the Wee ...

        Kacie is a required attendee from now on. She provides good comic relief ... plus good early warning. Also, she takes great pics during the ride.

        She also gets great credit for spending the many hours she did sans her cell phone ... think about it ... an 18 year old of today NOT surgically connected to their cell phone ...

        Finally, she kept Missy in check ... y'all haven't moto camped with Missy ... I have ... I mean, seriously ... wow ... but thankfully Kacie was there to say "Mom, no" ... "Mom, put that down" ... "Mom, put that back on" ... "Mom, stop picking on Clair" ...
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          Getting your kids to do anything that's not 'digital' is amazing!!