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The VOID Rally 2012

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  • The VOID Rally 2012

    This year I have decided to do several 'riding/bonus hunting' type rally’s and the Void was my last for 2012. The VOID Rally is a 30 hour rally, with a minimum of 777 miles and a maximum of 1441, minimum of 3 hour rest break and riders starting from three different locations, Nashville, TN, Allentown PA and Statesboro, GA with all riders ending in Lynchburg, VA. The Rally for me started at 0750 EDT in Nashville. The 30 hours was kind of a misnomer because there were significant point deductions for turning in your RallyPack after 1400 EDT in Lynchburg. So it was actually a 29 hour rally with penalties for going to 30 hours! My actual rally mileage was about 1061 miles with a total mileage from Thursday afternoon (to Nashville) to Sunday afternoon (return from Lynchburg) of 1941 miles. AND I didn't come in last place! Actually the Rally Master (RM) and I had a deal, if I came in last place he'd make up another rider to put below me! Thanks goodness he didn't have to and save me the embarrassment of it all! I wasn't last and made it all the way there and back so the VOID was a complete success.
    Like all Rally's there were times that weren't so good. I had developed a 'safe' ride plan that I called the main stem and tributaries approach, being a hydraulic engineer that was right down my alley. The main stem was the Interstate and the tributaries were the side roads to the bonii. My ride plan was to basically ride the Interstate(s) at night with 20 mile or so side trips along the back roads to the bonus locations. What that did for me was to create a 781 mile northward ride to basically Maryland with a 160 mile return southward towards Lynchburg, overnighting in Northern VA somewhere. I actually was AMAZED at my plan with the ETAs at bonii; I was within 10-15 minutes early on every bonus, meaning my ride plan was exactly what I predicted, excellent! I arrived at my most northerly bonus at 0030 and head south, watching for BIG DEER. My new Soltec Fugeos 4" HIDs auxiliary lights were worth every penny trust me! Deer in MD and VA must start at 200 lbs and go up from there. They are graceful at night jumping over high fences with all 4 legs parallel to the ground!
    I finished my first day at 0210 and felt good, very good, particularly about my plan and the ability to ride it. I had planned to arrive at the scoring table early and because I knew my plan was good and my times allowances were good I actually thought about going for the gusto and gathering some additional bonii, but I decided the best plan was to keep with my plan so I actually slept 5 hours versus the mandatory 3 hours. Well rested I headed south for the twistiest riding of the rally. I arrived at daylight at the back roads as planned, and had great rides up and down the mountain ranges. The ride along VA250 to Monterrey VA from I-81 is a very, very nice twisty ride of 40 miles or so. I arrive at the finish and put my 'scoring' stuff together sealed my finisher envelope and stopped the Rally clock in time to get the maximum finish bonus score. However, I made two mistakes, my $40 waterproof camera with a LED screen that you can't see in the sunlight for some reason didn't take a picture of a bonus that I gathered, and I wrote one bonus in the wrong bonus on my rally pack, PEM vs PEN bonus. Stupid stuff but I still finish OK and I was safe.
    Leaving Sunday morning I looked at the weather and thought I was going to ride back in cloudy condition, i.e. NO RAIN! One of my friends was heading back to Statesboro and was predicted to be in rain so I lent him my rain stuff! Well the end result is it rained on me for about 6 hours and he never saw a drop! So much for cloudy conditions. I had a good SAFE plan and I rode it well, deer were really not too much of an issue because of the auxiliary HIDs and just went slow on the back roads. I will do the VOID again next year.
    Ride Safe
    Ride Safe,

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    That's an excellent report! So good to see you working it wisely and enjoying the adventure. One of these days I might try a rally or two, provided I have some help planning things.
    Originally posted by Bugguts
    Hey, at my age running hot and loss of spark is a common problem.
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      I am learning, learning and will probably never plan or ride a winning route but even before I started LD Riding and worked 3300-3500 hour years I truly enjoyed planning my limited time trips. The planning at least for me was as exciting as the riding.
      Like they say 'try it you'll like it'
      Ride Safe,
      Ride Safe,