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Anyone tried the Harley Davidson Street 500 or 750?

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    Originally posted by Shadow Shack View Post
    Not to mention circa 2005 or thereabouts San Francisco PD adopted LPSL into their patrol bikes...
    Wow....I didn’t know that. That’s counter-intuitive on many levels. Nothing surprises me when it comes to California. I live in a world of the bizarro


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      I think I have a workable solution: riders who insist on installing loud pipes on street bikes should not be allowed to have them exit to the rear or underside of the vehicle, they should be compelled to mount them straight up and aim them directly at their own head, that way they can enjoy the full effect of their own blat.


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        Originally posted by Sorg67 View Post
        My mechanic has put a new exhaust system on a Versys and done some associated adjustments. I assume something like the ECU mapping you all are discussing.

        He suggested it to me. I was not at all interested since I have all the power I need. I am curious now. Is it just an issue of power? Or can it be made to run more efficiently and smoothly? I am not interested in making it more powerful. But I would not be opposed to a smoother throttle and better fuel economy.

        He wanted about $2K for the new exhaust and associated work. It may have been replacing the ECU with something else. I do not recall.

        Anybody have any thoughts on whether that would do anything for me?

        "Tuning" means just that. A Power Commander can be adjusted many, many different ways, to acquire the preferred trait.

        Power increase? Sure

        Throttle "snatchiness?" Sure

        Fuel economy? Sure

        Engine drivability? Sure

        Remove engine throttle "hiccup?" Sure

        Reduce "on-off-back on" throttle abruptness? Sure

        So, you see, a PC can help increase/reduce a myriad of maladies.

        Now, for a new "can of worms," how will a PC effect your warranty?

        Currently, HD got caught with their hand in the $$$$ jar by EPA. So, they are not protecting their customers that have modified their fueling systems. You may want to check with your vehicle warranty before any money is spent. Some riders are waiting until their warranty runs out. Some don't wait.

        This goes with exhaust pipe systems as well.

        Oddly, I can't get a full system delivered to a Calif address anymore. I'd have to buy it out of Calif, then smuggle it into Calif, then install it.

        What makes this ironic is, that the "illegal" exhaust systems are manufactured IN Calif!

        It's almost like smuggling guns into Calif. (I'm guessing, anyway.)
        Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.