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  • Originally posted by caeman View Post
    There will always be a long list of discontinued bike that will ever grow.
    Sad but true, and a lot of good beginner sized bikes are on that list. Speaking of which, the on again/off again 125 Eliminator returned in 2009 (no idea when it dropped off again) if you want to add that to the cruisers. What about the GS500? I don't know when that dropped out, it wasn't too long ago though.

    BTW you have 600 for the Vulcan, it should read 500
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    • I have a Suzuki DRZ400S. But I use it almost exclusively on the road and I am thinking about getting something more road oriented. The KTM 390 Duke and Honda CB500X appeal to me. I like something upright sporty and light, but would like something more comfortable than the DRZ, lower seat height, more road oriented. The Honda CB500X appeals to me the most, but it is 100 lbs heavier than DRZ or KTM. KTM might be optimal, but I am 55 years old and it does not look like the right bike for someone my age. I ride really slow and conservatively and I do not plan to change. But I like something light and nimble feeling. I test rode a 750 Shadow and it felt awkward and lumbering. Although when I rode it, it was the first bike I had ridden in 15 years or more and I had not ridden regularly for 30 plus years. Maybe now after getting my bike legs back a bit, it would not feel so beastly to me.


      • I have a friend with a CB500X as his 2nd bike, but 1st street bike. Great all-around bike, smooth and easy to ride, and comfy enough for some longer highway trips.

        I've ridden the KTM 390 Duke at a demo. It definitely feels nore like a dual-sport, and will probably be very familiar to you after riding a's lower, of course, and has full street tires, but it feels very dirt-bikish. Personally, I preferred the RC390 (same engine, sport-bike chassis) but that probably wouldn't appeal to you, reading between the lines.

        I'd say take a very close look at the CB500X. It may seem big and heavy at first, but it's not all that much as street bikes go.


        • Thanks Kootenanny. I think you are right. The CB500X is 100 lbs lighter than the Shadow 750 and I suspect the extra 100 lbs over the DRZ would be more than offset by the lower seat height and more street orientation. I have never ridden the CB500X, but the look of it and the reviews make it sound just about right for me. I had a Honda 550 four when I was a kid. I have always liked Hondas.

          Although as I meander down the primrose path from there, I start to think about the Honda NC700X. I like the built-in storage on top of the gas tank. But I think as a purely recreational bike, the CB500X would probably be more fun for me.


          • I've had several bikes over the years, and I think the best beginner bikes are the ones that you can learn on AND want to keep for awhile. My Shadow 750 would make a good beginners bike for most people. The 500-750cc cruisers are usually light enough to be okay for beginners, and you won't "get tired of it" in a month. 250cc bikes are alot of fun, but being honest, most will grow out of it very quickly and want something bigger.
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