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  • Looking at getting back into riding


    It’s been a few years, but I’m back

    I started on a ninja 250 back in 2013. Traded that for a ninja 500 a year later, and I sold that beauty of bike back in 2018. It started having some mechanical issues I wasn’t able to get figured out at a number of dealers/mechanic shops, so rather than rebuild it piece by piece I just stopped riding it. Life kinda took over.

    But now I’m back trawling CL and dealer sites and man, have the entry level bikes changed. That little ninja 400. Wow! Just wish I was a short arse.

    So I’m 6’ 175 lbs with long skinny limbs and torso. I’m like a stick insect. I have a 34” inseam. Oh, and I’m 40 now with old man knees.

    I came here a lot while I was making my first and second bike decisions, and I think for some help with mechanical stuff, too, and everyone was super helpful.

    I’ve never been down. I’ve ragged the hell out of the ninja 500, and I’ve pushed it hard enough in the corners to have not gone down. My point is I’m pretty sensible. It was always too tight on my knees (the 250–1st gen—actually had more legroom), and it always felt a little sketch pushing it on the freeway. I would touch 110 mph every now and then.

    Anyway, I’m all over the place with my bike choices. I wanna keep it under $9-10k OTD. I favor a new bike as I’m looking for something to ride and maintain rather than a “project” or a headache. I’ll entertain CL bikes, but it’s gonna have to have a full service history and mileage that shows it hasn’t been sitting for years untouched.

    I like the V-strom 1000/650, Versys 1000/650 (although, I’m worried the legroom might be too tight), FZ1, FZ6, Street triple, speed triple, Z1000. I dunno.

    The GSX-S750 looks like a good deal new. Kinda over-looked by wannabe hooligans with a price that reflects that fact. Amazing sound.

    I’ve also looked at a new versys 300. Mainly for price and could possibly take it down a non-paved road.

    My riding would be pleasure blasts for a few hours. Some interstate here and there. Riding to work on a two lane highway, 40 minute commute. And maybe some longer extended rides in the future. Mainly for fun, though.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Any comments appreciated, no offense taken.

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    Hey Ned how goes it,
    MV Agusta F3 would fit you, but it's not a very practical daily ride motorcycle.
    Up here right now nice new motorcycles are scarce so you shop for what you can buy, not what you want.


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      Originally posted by Trials View Post
      Hey Ned how goes it,
      MV Agusta F3 would fit you, but it's not a very practical daily ride motorcycle.
      Up here right now nice new motorcycles are scarce so you shop for what you can buy, not what you want.
      Howdy, Trials!

      I figured the lack of inventory was due to the type of bikes I was looking for (non-Harley), but I see what you mean.

      That sucks, especially when it comes to negotiating a price. Oh well. Gotta be grateful to be in a position where even looking to buy


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        Inventory is down, prices are up. If you are willing to get out of your own neighborhood, try using searchtempest for craigslist.
        The cost of a motorcycle is merely a down payment on farkles.


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          I would definitely look at the VStrom 650. I am on my second one because I just find it to be a do it all bike that suits my needs. I would only go up to the 1000 if you ride 2-up, otherwise the 650 does just fine. The newer ones are getting up there in price, though, but if the new ones feel like my 2014 did compared to the 2005 suspension, etc, I'd do it again. It was like night and day in the ride, which was odd considering it was the same motorcycle, just newer but more refined.
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