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Bring on the left-hand curves!!!

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  • Bring on the left-hand curves!!!

    After nearly 12 years of riding, I FINALLY figured out left-hand curves today!!!
    I've had a tendency to hug the centerline on left-hand curves. Which is a bad thing for a lot of reasons. Well, today it hit me: the bike tends to go where you look, right? (Yes, I teach this stuff.) I made a real effort on the lefts to focus on the outside of the curve; if the curve had chevrons, that was the perfect place to look. Then, I'll be darned, I managed to ride the outside!!! Wow, I have a new skill to practice! Bring on the lefts!!!!!

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    Wow, that is great. I'm picturing it, and I can see how it will help. I'm going to shift my 'look ahead' spot next time I ride.
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