Just wanted to offer up a little public service announcement relevant for the time of year for Northern hemisphere folk.

A lot of people come to motorcycling from the car world. They're used to car alternators, which are so big and powerful that a car's alternator can recharge the car battery from just sitting there idling.

A motorcycle's alternator is not that big and powerful. It will not recharge your battery while idling. You will need to either get a battery charger, or take your motorcycle out for a ride, if you want to recharge your battery.

There are actually four reasons why you shouldn't start your motorcycle in the winter just to start your battery (hint: it can be bad for various parts of your bike). You can check out my video on the subject here:

or if you prefer reading (or you're at work and YouTube is blocked), my full article is here: https://www.youmotorcycle.com/should...e-battery.html