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trying to buy 1st motorcycle from private seller

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  • trying to buy 1st motorcycle from private seller

    I do apologize in advance in case this post does no go in this sub forum.

    I'm trying to buy my first motorcycle but unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding a mechanic. I already called the motorcycle shops near me and they do not offer that kind of services even after hours. I did find a couple motorcycles but I would like a motorcycle mechanic to see it before I decide to purchase it. I have zero knowledge about motorcycles. I just passed the MSF class. Does any onecan recommend me a mechanic that will be willing to work with me near my location, or at least located in the state of Maryland or Virginia?

    I do live in Hyattsville, Maryland as a reference.
    Thank you guys for your help

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    Guess the dealers would rather you buy from them. Rather than try to earn your business.

    Don't live at all close to you so I can't recommend a mechanic, but I do wish you good fortune in your search.
    The cost of a motorcycle is merely a down payment on farkles.


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      Do any schools near you offer motorcycle service classes?
      Those are fun you lean stuff, have a teacher there to help if you need it and sometimes even get to work on your own bike with school tools. lol you might even get a certificate at the end of the course.


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        Possibly ya'll don't have anything like this down in the US, was always easy to find motorcycle repair night courses in Toronto, maybe that's unique to our colleges.

        "Serving as an overview of the motorcycle and its components, this course will highlight how to buy, do routine maintenance on and winterize a motorcycle. Specific topics will include oil change, chain maintenance, safety checks, basic tune-up, and inspection of a motorcycle in relation to certification and purchasing, along with a basic overview of chassis. In fully outfitted labs that allow for hands-on participation, you’ll use lectures, videos and practical work to learn all about frames, suspension, steering, brakes, wheels and tires."

        Same college (Centennial in Toronto) offers 2 more night courses, one on motorcycle electrical and another on motorcycle engines.