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Need a bolt that honda decided to make fancy

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  • Trials
    Need a scrap yard thread

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  • atonic
    So, did you find your bolt?

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  • Trials
    Scrap yard is still your best bet for the right thing.
    Scrap computer electronics would be a possible source for spacers if you need to improvise. They use stacks of small washers and spacers to mount circuit boards on electronic equipment, those would be close in dimension. I often improvise or make things because I have all the tools. lol I lost my wedding ring and felt so naked without it that I turned a new one out of a scrap motorcycle part.

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  • DanielBlue
    Originally posted by Trials View Post

    I came up with a M6 thread, 8mm short shoulder and 11mm long.
    Very common for connecting plastic panels directly to a frame support.

    If it came off a Honda turn signal it will have a slightly smaller button head then the one I was referencing, but even easier to source used.
    And thats the one. And for some reason known only to trickster gods and gremlins, I could not on a Saturday morn find a hardware store, nor general purpose store, nor dealership, nor fine parts store that had a spacer that would fit without a hacksaw... which if I had a proper mounted vice would have been tempting.
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  • DanielBlue
    Any good scrap yards near Columbus OH? Not sure if Rice Paddy is closed for good or just missing a couple signs, but thats the only motorcycle one I knew of thats close by.

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  • Cinder
    I love the Dudeman stories! Had to read them all again!

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  • Trials

    I came up with a M6 thread, 8mm short shoulder and 11mm long.
    Very common for connecting plastic panels directly to a frame support.

    If it came off a Honda turn signal it will have a slightly smaller button head then the one I was referencing, but even easier to source used.

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  • Shadow Shack
    Off topic --- when I saw the title I couldn't help myself for being reminded of the Dudeman Files...

    It's a lengthy yarn, but well worth the read:


    I had upgraded the horn on my wife's bike, much as Mark (name changed to protect the innocent) did his own via an automotive horn. I've done this in the past on other rides, but I just never really thought about putting a cover on it.

    Well this time it was for a woman who wanted it to look good...

    I saw Mark's cover, and thought "%#!& ; that's a great idea!" So off I went to the different bike shops in the area to see about locating one.

    Well no one had one in stock - they had parts; fancy dress stuff (except pegs bags and grips and a some factory-clone mirrors and sigies) were all special order. Well as much as I like to support my FLIBS, I wanted it in my hands _now_ so I could be done with it. So I sat and thought about it while. Hmmm... I need a shop that is going to have on hand useless tacky chrome crap... AHA! My local Harley dealer!

    So off I went in search of a horn cover.

    And much like Mark who had done the same with his, I was met by ignorance:

    "I need a resonator bell."

    A what?

    A resonator bell.

    Uh-hunh. What's it do?

    It's a cover for the horn. A horn cover.

    What are you talking about "horn cover?"

    I am talking about a resonator bell. It's a big chrome thing-- looks like a beetle shell. Fits between the jugs and covers the horn.

    I don't think I've seen one before.

    See those thirty bikes over there? They've all got one.

    Well I'll be ----! I've never noticed those before... Hey [other ignorant savage that works with him], do we sell them there chrome things to cover the horn?

    A resonator bell? Sure, we got those. Hang on; let me get my books.... This for a Sportster or a big twin?

    Neither. I just need a resonator bell.

    Oh. For a Road King?

    No. I just want a plain horn cover. Have you got one?

    Yeah, sure we got it. I just need to know which one you want.

    There isn't a difference! It's just a plain cover with a bracket in the back! Woah-- wait a minute... I may be out of the loop with HD, but is there a Road King that is _not_ a big twin?

    No; I don't think so.

    I see...

    So it ain't for a Sportster or a big twin or for a Road King. OH! Is it for an Indian? I've got a cross-over book around here somewhere..... [begins digging under counter]

    No; it's not for an Indian. I tell you what; you bring me one of each and every horn cover you have, and I'll pick the one that I want.

    Well I've got to know what it fits so that I know which one you need...

    They are universal! They'll fit whatever I ---- well tell them to fit!

    No Sir. You see all these catalogues? [gestures at extensive catalogue rack] Well every single model of every single year for every single Harley Davidson ever built has a part number for every single part, and if I don't have that number I can't be sure that I am going to get you the right one. You want it to fit, don't you? You know how many motorcycles Harley Davidson has built in the past hundred years?!!

    Yes. Three. The Iron Head 1000cc Sportster, the 883 Sportster and the 1200 high-boy Sportster.

    What? Are you crazy in the head or something? There's a dozen Sportsters, and God knows how many Big Twins and Road Kings.

    You asked me about motorcycles. Those are hardly motorcycles. Those are ridiculously priced under-powered irrigation pumps wheezing along in a desperate and flatulent attempt to move a pair of wheels.
    [writer's note: nothing against the fine folks I have met or the pride they have in the improvements they have made to their rides. Please keep in mind that this was directed at one idiot in particular, and the more he hacked me off, the more my opinions came tumbling out...]

    I'll tell you what, smart @$$ ! You think you know so much about being a parts man, why don't I just go and get every ---- horn cover in stock and you can tell me which one you _think_ will fit on your bike!

    Didn't we cover this ground already? Is there an echo in here, or did the words falling into your empty skull rattle around and finally pour out of your @$$ ?

    You just wait right here, smart guy. I'll be back. I hope you know what you're getting into!

    [Directed to his disappearing back] So how many have you got in stock?

    [fired back over his shoulder, with threatening and powerful overtones] TWO!

    You have got to be $#!^-ing me. You just have to be $#!^-ing me... You have two in stock, and yet you just had to make sure that it would fit my wife's bike? What the #!&% ? Why not just bring them up and let me pick one ten minutes ago?

    Well now you're going to have to, ain't you Funny Boy?

    Have you ever looked up any part numbers for these?

    This is a #!&%-ing parts counter, ain't it? [he's still in the shelves rooting around]

    Have you ever not had the right one in stock?

    #!&% no! We got customers to think about! You know, some people come in here to get what they need and not just #!&% at the people trying to help them customize their freedom [no $#!^ , people - he said it!]

    Have you ever stocked more than two?

    What's it matter to you? Worried you might not be as right as you thought?

    No; I was wondering how many years you've been doing this without noticing that they all take the same part numbers!

    They can't be the same part numbers, Buddy. [dumps them triumphantly on the counter] They're different!

    And by golly, he was right. They were different. One was the plain chrome resonator bell that I wanted. The other was the same thing, with a bar and shield carved into it.

    See? Now which one do you need?

    I think I'll go with the plain one.

    You don't want the bar and sheild?! [he was genuinely surprised] It'll look good on a Harley....

    Are we really going to do this again? Are we really going to list all the Harleys so that I can once again say "no, it's not for that?"

    Well what are you going to put it on?

    It's going on my wife's Vulcan, as a matter of fact. And it is going to be used to cover a horn that I pulled off a nineteen-and-sixty-five Ford Mustang. So go ahead-- look that up in your book and see which cover is for that!

    You #!&% ! You can't put that on a Vulcan!

    Watch me, Gomer.

    [He picked one up and turned it over to expose the mounting hole in the back] You see that hole? Well that Vul-coon [clever boy, this Gomer ] is a Suzuki or something; it's got Japanese bolts. This hole right here, it's only gonna fit on a Harley bolt! [Honest to God, people; he said it, and he meant it]

    [I look out the window for my body] Did I die pulling off the road? Was I hit by a car or something? Am I in like some kind of Brain Hell or something? "What the #!&% are you trying to say? That the good people at the Tennessee _Kawasaki_ plant sent away to Japan to get the special bolts that used to put together their bikes?!"

    Well where do you think that Metric $#!^ comes from?

    Well, the system comes from France, actually. The British pushed for it the hardest in the Anglo world, but the Asians - big fans of order and interchangeability - went for it full bore early on. The Americans gave in during the 80s in order to remain competitive in foreign markets without having to tool two separate assembly lines for everything they wanted to sell here and abroad. In fact, if you hand me a set of metric wrenches - maybe that fancy set there behind the glass with the bar-and-shield stamped in them - I guarantee I can walk right over to that twin cam and find a bolt that fits every #{}!%-ed one of them!

    You don't know what you're talking about. Harley don't buy no bolts from Japan. This is all American made stuff in here!

    Fine. I'll tell you what; when I leave here, I'll stop buy a hardware store and pick up some Harley bolts so that I can mount this piece of tin to my wife's evil demon machine. Would that get me out of here any faster?

    [Laughs a bit] Buddy, there ain't but two places you an get Harley bolts! That's right here and at one hardware store over near the county line. But I wouldn't go over there! I've got to buy from him when we run out before our shipment. _MY_ price on them things is almost two bucks apiece!

    [I was stunned here, and a bit amused] Are you telling me that you pay two bucks a pop for SAE bolts?!

    No; these are Harley bolts, not that imported Metric crap!

    Oh-- stainless or chrome or something like that? I didn't think there was a hardware store in town that sold chrome fasteners...

    No, these are just the plain Harley bolts! I can't imagine what he'd charge me for chrome! [leans in conspiritorily] That's why we only use him when we run short. We can get them cheaper from the factory warehouse.

    So you _are_ paying two bucks a pop for simple grade-five SAE bolts?

    NO! Not "SAE;" These are Harley bolts-- in inches and fractions and stuff!

    [okay, I had nothing to say here, but the pause was long enough that I thought I should mention it. Finally:] What do you do here? You the head parts guy?

    Nope; I'm lead tech and shop foreman and service writer. I just help out on the counter when they get confused because of my experience. [and cussed proud he was when he said that, let me tell you!] Okay, now which of these you want?

    Still think the plain one will look the best on the Vulcan...

    Your loss. That one's some no-name junk. _This_ one [lifts the 'fancy' model] is the officially lisenced one! HD don't put their name on nothing but the _best_!

    Well, I have had bad experiences with cheap chrome. Maybe I can tolerate a bar-and-sheild, at least till she finds something to put over it... [I picked up the 'upgrade' model] What the #!&% ? _This_ is the better one?

    Says HD, don't it?

    Dude! It's made of plastic! How the #!&% can a 'resonator' bell be made of plastic?

    Well it don't look like the Motor Company has a problem with it, does it? What makes you think you will? Because it's going on a Jap Jet?

    No, actually, I don't think I will have a problem with, because it is going on a nice, smooth, vibration-free well engineered machine that already has a very loud horn. But I can't imagine trying to 'resonate' a horn with a plastic shell, and I sure can't imagine it not breaking right off one of these paint-shakers you call Big Twins! What the #!&% are you supposed to do when the #{}!% bracket breaks and drops your cover on the highway?

    Well most folks just buy another one. [and rather smug he was here, too]

    You mean this happens? People have bought this piece of garbage, bolted it to their bikes, had them break off, and come in and bought them _again_?

    Sure. I sell a couple a month.

    Well no wonder you're pushing it...

    Well it's got to be better than that other one; it's got the logo.

    I wish I thought you were kidding...

    It's like I said, HD don't put their name on nothing but the best! Don't believe me? Look at this! [tinkers with a computer and turns the screen] See? It even costs twenty bucks more than that other one. Quality costs. [again, smug in his stupidity]

    No, I think I'll take the plain metal one for twenty-two bucks and go and put it on my wife's bike and spend the rest of the evening shoving pipe cleaners into my brain until this whole incident is behind me...

    [Dumb Look] [More dumb look]

    [Dumb look continues]

    You're a real smart #$$, aren't you?

    It helps me to stand out when I am surrounded by dumb #$$es. Ring me up; I'm leaving.

    [I swear, as I was leaving, I heard him say this to green guy:] Dumb-#$$ jap-crap mechanic. I bet he's too stupid to pick up a Harley bolt for that tin crap cover he bought, too!

    [turned back] I'm pretty sure that there are other things that will fit through this little hole here in the back. The collective IQ of that entire counter, for example. But you're right. I'm gonna go home and call Japan and have them send me a metric bolt that might fit into this Harley hole and hope for the best. Ya'll have a good afternoon, and don't play with anything pointy.

    Listen, when you get tired of trying to make it work, come back here and I'll cut you a deal on a couple Harley bolts.

    True story folks, as witnessed by several people. How people like this manage to repeatedly find work-- and in this case, working on people's rides!-- is beyond me. $#!^ , how they get their shoes on the right feet is beyond me! I ain't knocking the whole dealership, but like any other -ship, stupidity can sink it in a hurry.

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  • Shadow Shack
    Originally posted by DanielBlue View Post
    90380-MGZ-J00 Is there anything I could get at a hardware store, automotive store, etc that would do what that part does? its a 6x8 metric bolt with a fancy head... and I really don't want to wait on it or pay 60 bucks in shipping to get it next day... 60 bucks on a 30 cent part is ridiculous even if it would need an airplane to get here.
    What kind of bike is it for and what does it attach to?

    I ran the part number through google and got nothing resembling the pic above --- I'm getting a small black Philips or JIS screw, neither of which I would consider as a "fancy head" --- so some details might help.

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  • Trials
    Here another part number to explore, although there are probably dozens that would be interchangeable:

    ... should only get crazy expensive if you are buying titanium fasteners.

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  • Trials
    Looks like the same size of shoulder screw that I use in my trials bike fender except they are allen head instead of JIS.

    Go to a motorcycle scrap yard and look for almost any bike with fairings or plastic number plates on it, there is a good chance you will find something very similar or identical. Yet another alternative is to use a large head screw without the shoulder and just add a collar type spacer, there is no reason the built up shoulder part has to be solid to the screw thread it's just a spacer.

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  • DanielBlue
    started a topic Need a bolt that honda decided to make fancy

    Need a bolt that honda decided to make fancy

    90380-MGZ-J00 Is there anything I could get at a hardware store, automotive store, etc that would do what that part does? its a 6x8 metric bolt with a fancy head... and I really don't want to wait on it or pay 60 bucks in shipping to get it next day... 60 bucks on a 30 cent part is ridiculous even if it would need an airplane to get here.