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  • "Why" this site is sick...

    I visit motorcycle forums often. I see the traffic they get. Yes, it is less than before for other sites also, but only this forum has died on the vine. Others see plenty of traffic, even in the environment of other social media giants.

    I have my theory "why" this site in particular, is sick. It starts with the name of the site. Some may be "put off" by the slang term "bikers." (Just a theory, here.) And since not many like to admit they're a "beginner" at anything, it doesn't register on searches. Or, they bypass the recommendation with their eyes.

    All I can say, is that other sites are getting bombarded with requests: "What bike should I get?" & other things this site is designed for. And yet, here we are. Ok, here I am. I've been guilty of leaving this site too, as there isn't much traffic, anymore.

    One would think that with so many at home, with COVID-19 threatening (not really,) that aimless computer time would reign supreme. (I dunno, maybe it is...) It's just not here.

    So, what's inna name? Marketing? You bet it is!

    (Nope, I'm not saying we should change the name of the site.) And nope, I'm not "starting my own domain." (BTDT.)




    Let's see if anyone see's this before Summer....
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    Beginning Riders dot Org?


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      I been here all along, just thought you guys were all out riding
      BBO is the best motorcycle forum on the net, it hasn't been inundated with advertising and spammers

      ... and you are right, I think the numbers reflect the number of people who get into riding motorcycles and don't stick with it :/ they failed to become addicted.


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        We've had feedback that people were ran off by a member or two they felt to be annoying or not like-minded with "beginner" guidance.

        People have migrated to another BBO venue. The facebook group has 333 members and 3 posts were started there today.
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          I think that guy died.


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            With the modern trend of emotions and instant gratification, forums are going the way of the dodo. Yes, some are still active, but not to the degree they were before things like facebook & twitter. People on the whole are looking for justification now, not facts or actual useful advice.

            In other words, we could rename the site "www.SignUpAndGet$ m" and still see the same waning activity.

            But it's not even that. The instant gratification means they want an answer NOW. They don't want to check back later in the day or tomorrow (egads, that's an eternity!), they want it right now. Which is why you see a lot of one-and-done posters.

            The upside is some of these folks manage to find the oldest topic that may answer their questions (remember "use the search feature, dumbass" responses? ) and, despite being able to find the oldest thread detailing such a topic (only spammers have the equivalent ability in finding long forgotten threads), since they don't get their answer right away --- not that the OP stopped posting a decade ago is relevant here, I mean they can find the ancient thread but they can't figure out that the ancient OP is equally extinct ---- it's one-and-done.

            Originally posted by Missy B View Post
            We've had feedback that people were ran off by a member or two they felt to be annoying or not like-minded with "beginner" guidance.
            Yep, I saw that plenty...both in annoyances and lacking beginner guidances. Even back in the heyday of massive activity it was prevalent, even back when the board just opened it was there too. Allowing "Harleys Suck" (which actually got addressed, remember how "the brand that shall not be named" got started?) to progress to "Cruisers suck" (which went completely unchecked and as such resulted in a fair degree of public ugliness). Why this progression was allowed --- back in the forum's youth, no less --- is baffling.

            I remember one guy (no need for names as nobody posts anymore anyways) asked for opinions on a then new Yamaha cruiser and I offered a less than splendid opinion of how it visually struck me. The dude actually made a public threat to come out to see me with several other guys that owned such a bike (I wasn't personally threatened by it, but it was a threat nonetheless). Which, IIRC is what banquet-of-misinformation Shaddix ultimately got banned for (I really didn't follow any of that back then so I may be wrong). I mean I don't know why Shaddix made the threat (if that's what I remember actually happened), but this dude threatened me over a visual opinion of something he didn't even own yet. And he continued to chirp at me regularly after that until he finally drifted off into the ethernet.

            There was another regular who once made a "You can't do that on a cruiser!" (yep, "Cruisers suck" was a safe agenda here at "all brands friendly" BBO) and I posted a video of me doing just that.

            No response.

            "What do you have to say about that?"

            Still no response.

            "Well I guess it turns out that you really CAN do that on a cruiser, regardless of what professional moto-rag journalist says."

            Again, still no response.

            Which was followed up a week later with deafening silent member's retort in another thread stating something along the lines of "ShadowShack you're an uneducated dumbass to say such a thing! I have a college degree and I know what I'm talking about! Shut your stupid mouth up about things you know nothing about!"

            Yeah, that's just another Shaddix in my book.

            Anyways I'm not claiming complete innocence. I got into my share of tussles, many of which due to the permissible "Cruisers suck" bandwagon, some of which were completely unrelated to that agenda, and even one or two just for fun because I was bored for whatever reason. I can't help it, I'm outspoken. In this day and age that makes me a "H8er" and "insensitive".

            Then there were newer members that were permitted to name calling toward charter and/or senior members. Some were aimed at me, some were aimed at others. This soon became the new agenda, albeit not quite as popular as "Cruisers suck" but it did seem to take its place as that former bandwagon finally lost traction. That was the good news, the bad news was it happened while facebook & twitter were gaining popularity and forum traffic was already in decline. Not in its death throes like it is now, mind you, but the course had been charted.

            Funny thing, this same issue reared its head at a Rebel board I used to frequent. I was a charter member there as well, and had a moderator of all people harassing me. He actually turned a few new members against me, so I just silently left (I had already taken a generous hiatus, having only returned after hearing about another charter member who passed from old age). When you have charter members and long time members, one should never allow them to be driven off by newer members...more so in this day and age, those newer members tend not to stay very long. Losing both is never a good idea, and this mod (intentionally or otherwise) did just that. The point is, a charter or long term member may be incorrect once in a while, but the value of such members needs to be measured against short term trending newer members if you want them to stick around. Otherwise you just lose both.

            There was a plea for traffic generating ideas and I responded accordingly, being a former editorial writer from our grandfather site answering an early (as in forum opening early) request to reprint those articles and continue publishing new ones here. I was not given the tools to do so, and as a result after reprinting all the old articles and beginning my new group of editorials ---an eight part series --- that attempt ended at five submissions because I no longer had the tools to continue. That was "resolved" (meaning I finally got an answer a decade+ later) here:


            Personally, my final straw came when bikes like the SV-650 and smaller bore inline fours were getting the nod for beginners and those giving the nod (some being long time members) defended the merits. Yes, we're seeing that on the facebook group without the BBO members giving the I opened with, people posting for justification. They're not getting it at the facebook group and as a result they're not posting anymore.

            So there you have it, my opening and closing points are the same and consequently that point is the reason why forums have difficulty succeeding these days. There are other reasons for the inactivity here, but that main point is the one we can never address and it will always be a thorn in any forum's side. Ultimately it's those other issues that will make or break a forum.
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              I seen a Rebel in the scrap yard the other day and thought of you.


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                Believe me, I see first hand that forums have died. Facebook is a central devil where people can go to one place, and get discussions for all their interested topics. I took over a year or so ago, and it has a surprisingly more traffic than here. I thought it was dying too. Right now, it's just money out of my pocket down the crapper because no members = no donations to keep the lights on.
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                  Well as forums go this one is the best another beautiful day for riding up here and my riding partner is on his way.


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                    Well now. This is wonderful to see some activity on this site, again!

                    (And Shadow, I prefer "elderly.") Although, I AM moving into the realm of ancient.

                    Maybe it's time to start up a "photo thread" again?

                    Just great to see you all participating again.

                    BTW~ I still promote this site. (Not that it's been effective, but I still try.)
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                      I got some great information here. It is a shame it is not active. I think a lot of participants are a bit thin skinned. If you are going to put comments out in a public forums, you will be challenged. It is the nature of the beast. People seem reluctant to learn and want only to be right. Nobody knows everything. Everyone can learn.

                      I also keep aquariums. I participate in . That site is much more active. I ideas are exchanged respectfully. People are people. There are thin skins there as well. I suppose there are probably more fish keepers than bikers. And a lot of high school age kids participating so that provides a large population of people active online.

                      But who would have thought that a bunch of aquarium geeks would be emotionally tougher than bikers?

                      My stopping posting did not have to do with the middle school age squabbling on this site. I can ignore that. I just drifted to other interests.

                      But I suspect some people would have been driven off by people who cannot have respect for different opinions.


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                        The sites fine, it's just a shame more people are not obsessed with riding motorcycles
                        young people are too busy on their cell phones.


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                          Originally posted by Trials View Post
                          young people are too busy on their cell phones.
                          Playing motorcycle racing games.

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                            isn't that the truth
                            People coming to ride tomorrow, is Matt still online? Matt ! Come riding !


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                              You know why the site is sick, it's the same reason the sport is sick,
                              people are inherently lazy and it's too easy to find reasons not to do something we are all guilty of it.

                              Oh and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find free photo hosting services.
                              which sucks but does not surprise me because the majority of people are also inherently greedy.

                              Sorg! you got that chain on yet