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Bikes are coming out!

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  • Bikes are coming out!

    I work in a shop at the intersection of two major roads here... and as the sun came out and the temperature rose, the sounds of loud pipes could frequently be heard...

    Lots of Harleys out...many of them 2up.. saw one Ninja. And here I am watching them from a cage
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    Saw two on the road here today. A two up Harley and a trike.

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      I did my commute on my bike today for the first time in months...and from the looks of the forecast, I'll be doing it again tomorrow. SPRING TIME IS NEAR!


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        With the 70°F we have had all over the week-end, they were all out already, to my big frustration.
        Had to work anyhow, and the roads are still covered with unwashed salt, so, good for them...
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          The motorcycle parking at my work is at capacity.
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            We have a heatwave coming this weekend. The beaches will be bombarded with tourists and "motorcyclists." Gonna be 85F along the water, that's 60F...

            Lots on the sand, no one on the water.
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              No bikes here yet :/
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                Here, bikes are covered with snow again...

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