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Offered without commentary: Ranger Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

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  • Offered without commentary: Ranger Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    First, posted from a site called "Stuntbums" :

    A black Range Rover ran over a group of bikers in New York City during an annual street ride. After running over multiple people at the :50 second mark, he takes off only to run over another person at the 5:00 minute mark.

    There is no excuse for this driver using his vehicle as a deadly weapon.
    And another, from DailyMail:

    Video has emerged showing the shocking moment a Range Rover driver apparently drove through a crowd of motorbikes as it fled with its family inside for fear of being attacked.

    According to police, the bikers started to damage the vehicle after the driver accidentally hit a motorcyclist.

    Fearing for the safety of his wife and young child, aged under five, the SUV driver then sped off, hitting several bikers in its path.
    Have at it, internet.

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    When I watched the vid, I saw a crap ton of riders behaving badly on public roads. Cutting people off, sharing/splitting lanes at speed etc. Can't be surprised when one of them comes in contact with a another vehicle. Then, when the guy is stopped and surrounded by a bunch of these riders, who, according to at least 1 report, start damaging his vehicle, he fears for his family's safety and guns it to get away.

    Bad situation all around. Were my family with me, in my truck, in similar circumstances, I might do the same thing.
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      At 0:19 I see a bike lane splitting/encroaching on the Rover. By 0:25 he is in front of the Rover and appears to be decelerating (I can't tell if the brake light was on) while looking over the shoulder. By 0:27 the bike is off frame but may be getting rear ended...judging by all the stopped traffic afterwards that's probably a safe assumption.

      Road rage on your bike versus cage? Never a good idea.

      Taking chase, good idea. Confront the guy after he runs out of gas or stops/gets out and is no longer the same threat.

      Getting alongside of or in front of someone who has already driven over bikers while speeding down the road...just as good of an idea as the road rager.

      Not condoning the Range Rover driver's actions in any way, but there was a whole lotta stupid going on by the riders.
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        Did anybody call the police?


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          Another take on the story:

          According to this article it all started when a rider cut off and brake- checked the SUV and was hit in the process. Other riders began to hit the SUV and the driver attempted to get away, hitting other bikes in the process. The only injuries in the entire chain of events were to the driver of the SUV who was pulled out of his vehicle, after a rider used his helmet to break-out a window in the SUV, so they could pull him out to beat him.

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            The apparent gang mentality of the bikers is very intimidating in this video. I am not excusing the driver of the SUV in any way, shape, or form, but it seems like he may very well have had a reasonable reaction to a very scary situation.

            50 bikers with gear and bad attitudes against 1 guy with a wife and 5 year old. I think I might have done the same thing this guy did...beat it the heck outta there, and not worry about what happens in the process. Preservation of self and family first and foremost...


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              I probably would have reacted the same way but there would have also been a gun involved if I couldn't escape in the car. The bikers were acting like jerks and the guy in the Rover was probably justifiably in fear for his life. At that point he could legally choose to use deadly force.



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                Given the routine "us v. them" attitude about minivan, Prius and SUV drivers...

                Is this all that shocking?
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                  Originally posted by taylorcraft07 View Post
                  I probably would have reacted the same way but there would have also been a gun involved if I couldn't escape in the car.
                  You can carry a gun in NYC?

                  I think when the video starts there has already been some conflict, then the biker cuts the SUV off and brakes. The driver did what any reasonable, unarmed person would do. Flee! He should have then drove to a police station. I'm sorry but I don't see anything in the video that support the bikers actions that provoked the SUV driving over the bikers.

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                    I wonder what was on the video before this incident. Judging from the kind of bikes and riders, probably a safe assumption that the group was not simply riding on the highway to afternoon tea. Asshat riders meet asshat SUV driver, chaos ensues.
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                      Originally posted by Fatcat View Post
                      You can carry a gun in NYC?
                      Actually my NY concealed permit is not valid is Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester Counties and the burroughs of NYC. Oh, well. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.



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                        That ride was apparently one of those annual "rides" like they have in Dallas, where bikes try to shut down the highway to create room for stunting and other antics.

                        I have zero sympathy for the bikes in this situation. Had I been in the SUV and they were threatening my family, I probably also would have used my vehicle to point out the bikes' instability and vulnerability.
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                          Fox news report.

                          New York Police said the altercation began when the man called 911 to report the bikers driving erratically on the highway, NBC New York reports.

                          In the video, at least one biker is seen slowing down and parking his bike in front of the man’s vehicle, causing him to stop. Another biker began walking threateningly toward the vehicle before the driver gunned it and smashed into several bikes and riders.
                          And the link.

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                            This would have had a tragic end had it happened to the wrong person in MS. It is legal to carry a gun in your vehicle in MS without a permit. Your vehicle (motorcycle too) is considered an extension of your home, which you can legally have guns without permit. Our state also recognizes the "Castle Doctrine" extending to your vehicle. In other words, if a knucklehead approached Joe Redneck in MS in a violent and threatening manner, proceeded to bash his helmet into driver's side window, Joe Redneck could legally shoot said knucklehead as fearing for their life.

                            Stupid all around in the video, but I bet Mr. Range Rover didn't have a weapon with him to protect himself and his family and his only way out of the situation was to drive off.
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                              Dumb asses.
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