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    If you crash with jeans on, you won't consider them proper riding gear again. Ask me how I know! I have the scars to prove it.
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      I'm willing to take on broken bones if they happen but I have a pathological aversion to road rash because grafted skin or scar tissue is never as flexible as the original. So I'm with Clair - I go with, FF helmet, leather jacket and pants (both armored in key slide points), full-fingered gloves, calf-high boots, and ear plugs. I'd rather lose my hearing to Judas Priest than road noise. I wear it all, all the time.
      Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more throttle.


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        104 yesterday, you don't see me complaining.

        Good thing to do is take your t-shirt and soak it in water, first. Highly recommended for hot lady riders.


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          Helmet, jacket, gloves, riding jeans, boots. This is for casual rides. For spirited rides it's full leathers and extra armor.

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            Full face mod helmet, armored pants and jacket, gloves, boots and ear plugs. Kinda sucks when its really hot, but, one look at my brother's gear motivates me to continue to put it all on all the time.

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              Whatever you DON'T wear, you hopefully fully understand and take responsibility for the risk you take by not wearing it.

              but IMHO - Helm, gloves, jacket & boots are bare minimum & you still risk your arse & legs.
              Soon as I find a pair of riding pants that FIT me, Im getting em
              (Mind you ive been looking for a lil while...but thats what you get when the makers of this crap seem to think that just because you wear size X, every person that wears size X has the SAME EXACT butt, hips & thighs...grr)
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                Originally posted by tlwmsu View Post
                Stop crashing. Problem solved.

                My only sin against ATGATT is wearing regular jeans sometimes without my Icon knee/shin armor under them. Stupid? Yes. But, my choice. Otherwise, I have my armored mesh Tourmaster pants along with armored jacket (mesh in summer, leather one in winter), MC-specific boots, gloves and FF helmet.
                That's a choice I, too, make sometimes. Most of the time I'm in:

                Arai Profile helmet
                Jacket (FG Kilimajaro 5.0 or MotoGP Mesh. I have another mesh jacket, FG Rush, but it doesn't fit well)
                Pants (Olympia Airglide 2 -- liner in in winter, mesh in summer)
                Gloves (Helimot F108 in summer, Roadgear in mid-temps, A* in winter)
                Boots (Oxtar Matrix, about to be Sidi B2s.)

                I think I'm picking up a set of perf leathers soon, hopefully.
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