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  • My Latest Project

    I was initially converting this into a cop-bike to counter the Roadster project. Who was I kidding, I've always been a chopper enthusiast so that endeavor switched gears in a hurry! So now it's heading to a classic bobber look. Mods so far include

    > Pea Shooter muffler extensions
    > 6" mini apehanger bar
    > Solo seat
    > 750 Aero front fender cut and shaped to fit rear (the stanchion cut-outs line up nicely with the rear shocks)
    > Maltese Cross mirrors
    > New grips
    > Tank graphics

    ...this was the prior "Copsicle" guise awaiting hardbags and an engine guard. The extra lighting was too much for the charging system, I probably could have converted everything to LED

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    Good to see you still posting Shadow
    your lawn needs mowing


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      Always do a great job with your "projects" Shadow Shack
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