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  • On any Wednesday

    Some really good riders coming to ride at my place tomorrow if anybody wants to join us
    Matt are you still vertical

    I'll post some pictures later if I can find somewhere to host them.

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    Sorry, no pictures today but it was great riding. Matt, riding at Woody's Cycle and Salvage yard near Perth tomorrow if you can make it,
    or anybody else


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      If you have "phone" pics, just use "tapatalk." It's super easy, but you can only load 5mg size (or smaller) pics, IIRC.

      On 2nd thought, I might be thinking of "garagetalk."

      Yes, I think that's right. Garagetalk has the 5mg limit per photo...
      Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


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        Here’s an example of yesterday’s ride.

        Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
        Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


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          The downside to tapatalk is you can only put 1 photo per post, unless you pay for an upgrade. (I like to give the mods here, something to do, by collating the photos into 1 single post!)

          See the black "dot" about 50 yds ahead? That's moi.

          This "during COVID" traffic is atrocious.

          Actually, this is how it was "pre-COVID too."

          234 miles, on one tank of gas...
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          Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.