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  • On any Saturday

    Going practice riding up at the lake this Saturday with one of the top Canadian riders, if Matt or anyone else would care to join us, I'll take my spare bike and be there around noon.

    Makes a great destination ride too, if anyone is up for that
    site is just a few miles south of Arden Ontario, last bit of road is 1 km gravel/dirt.

    Hollar if you'd like directions, it's super easy to find as long as you don't get lost along the way

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    Sadly, Saturday is not good for me. But if anybody else is considering it, I highly recommend a visit to Chateau Trials.


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      Bummer, my riding partner is a commercial pilot and his aircraft broke down in Denver, he's going to be delayed a day.
      … looks like it's just me and the dogs tomorrow


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        Saturday And Sunday

        Tell them Trials sent you and they will let you watch for free
        after they look at you funny because there is no charge to spectate


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          “Honey, I have a great idea for our anniversary. Let’s drive six hours, stand in the woods and watch guys try to ride little motorbikes up big rocks!”




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            Happy upcoming anniversary!


            Originally posted by Lezbert
            * Passhole -- Aggressive driver who stops at nothing just to get in front of you, saving him/herself a whopping 10 seconds.
            -2000 Road King Classic with lots of sentimental value
            -M.I.T.G.C. #72


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              No problem, tell her you are taking her and the kids to the Sand Hurst Resort for the weekend


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                Water + rocks = easier to hide the body


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                  I'm taking an inflatable raft if you want to borrow it who's it for?


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                    I'm getting all pumped


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                      Good luck and have fun!


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                        I love it when a plan comes together,

                        second place on saturday and third place on sunday CMA National rounds puts me in line for second place in the national Trials standing
                        I'm good with that.

                        Had an absolutely Awesome time riding both days, although my heart almost did exploded a few times,
                        I failed to banana up and hydrate sufficiently on Saturday

                        Sections were brutally hard, brutally slippery and brutally long, resulting in high scores for everyone and
                        lots of spectacular crashes :/ and that was just me.

                        Next event: 2-day event in 2 weeks time.
                        I need to practice riding over big wet logs all criss-cross like and on a stupid steep slippery hillside for that one.


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                            What I ride
                            '06 GL1800 - Overgrown sport bike!

                            Previous Bikes
                            '01 Yamaha YZF600R
                            '09 Royal Star Venture (7500 miles)
                            '06 YAMAHA FZ6 (10,000 miles)
                            '07 KAWASAKI EX250-NINJETTE (6500 miles)
                            '05 YAMAHA ROADSTAR MIDNIGHT SILVERADO XV1700 (65,000 miles)
                            '06 HONDA AERO 750 (12,000 miles)

                            God created man, Samuel Colt made them equal, John Moses Browning made some legends, and Eugene Stoner made some more awesomer than others. - various


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                              Sparrow Lake Trial

                              I took 1st. place in the 55+ class in the Saturday Trial I took 1st. place in the 55+ class in the Sunday Trial a double header

                              my favourite rock in the entire Trial wheelies save lives
                              <- you had to hit it from here
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