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    Rumor has it this years CMA Trials Nationals are in Quebec and then in B.C the following weekend
    … like that won't be a strenuous couple of weeks.

    to all the Trials bikes you see crossing the Prairies that week.
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      Picture of a section at the Bengough National Trial statistically it was safer riding the sections then it was walking the sections:

      ... you want me to go where

      Next trial for me:

      Should be a good one, they have lots of test ride bikes going to be there too
      ... I test rode one of these on the weekend bike makes it super easy to hop the front And rear end around!


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        I just finished setting up 22 trials sections for my weekend after next 2-day trial
        It's going to be awesome.


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          No sense in posting a flyer because to comply with covid rules we can't have spectators and riders must pre-register.

          MadMatt ! are you still riding? pre-register Sept. 26-27 2020 Arden


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            I went to a Honda dealer this am. I walk in the showroom, and see a MONTESA!

            Anyway, as I’m twisting the rear tire knobbs, I notice the rear wheel spokes. I saw this and thought “hummm...”

            What cha all think?

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              Lemme try a better pic.

              EDIT~ The front wheel was laced typically.
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                2020 300RR ?

                I want a 2021 301RR really bad but I think you might get one easier then I can.

                ... the spokes work great. Actually the whole bike works great, I think you should buy it
                BTW: it's 75 pounds lighter then that Honda monkey bike and whole lot better in every way.

                Just reach over the rear fender, put your (gloved) fingers between those spokes and pick up the bike by the rear wheel, you'll see.
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                  Originally posted by NORTY View Post

                  EDIT~ The front wheel was laced typically.
                  Rear wheel is tubeless, intended to be run with only a couple of pounds air pressure, the tire will slide on the rim occasionally. The front runs a tube with 4 or 5 psi and has a rim lock so the tire does not slide on the rim :/ because that would be very bad for braking.

                  All of the major brands now use that same wheel setup because it is so light and extremely reliable.
                  ... the RR model also gets you the thin wall wheel hubs that are a little lighter. Front forks are aluminum stanchion tubes.

                  BTW: the rear sprocket has the holes covered with a sticker so the minder does not accidentally put their fingers in there and lose them.


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                    I just revisited this thread. Noticing the contributors. Some are still here, while some have gone to greener pastures. (Smitty was a very unique individual. He was on numerous motorcycle sites. He was always "Smitty.") There are few posters, that could have been defined by their posts. But, when you had a "Smitty-post" you had something of true emotion, backed by knowledge. (Mostly forgotten knowledge, but knowledge just the same.)
                    A true character, that always thought he was improving the sport.
                    Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.


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                      Smitty was awesome, miss his posts, miss my dog Diesel too.
                      My new TRS bike should be arriving any day now, I hope the dealer is going to deliver it and come riding too.
                      New boots too, I need them bad mine are toast.


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                        Originally posted by Trials View Post
                        New boots too, I need them bad mine are toast.
                        Use of bread products for protective gear is not recommended.


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                          She's here, say hi to Xena


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                            Did I ever show you the trials bike I was interested in?

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                              Ossa, they stopped making them but I can maybe get you one if you want one.


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                                Some video from my October 2nd & 3rd 2021 CMA/FIM National Trial: