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  • AlpineStars gear!

    With getting back into dirt biking with my WR250, I'm having fun accessorizing again. hahaha

    My cheap O'Neal boot buckles ended up fatally breaking recently so I splurged on some Stella Tech 3 boots. They were comfortable right out of the box! Great shifter feel and offer great protection.

    Also ended up with an alpinestars SM-5 white helmet. Very lightweight and fits my head well. No discomfort anywhere.

    Super happy with what alpinestars is doing with their dirt stuff!

    When we're not riding together, I also steal son's alpinestars under the jersey chest/back protector. I have an ancient hard plastic one but the alpinestars is so much nicer and comfy. I forget I'm wearing it! Will splurge for that next.
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