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  • Vendor Reviews ReadMe (Read it!)

    This forum is designed to be a single point of communication about vendors online or in brick and mortar that you have worked with. Here, we want you to be objective. If you have a rant, be specific, and fair. Sure, we realize that if you've been burned that you might not want to hold back emotions, but we also have to consider the perspective of the vendor.

    Please make one thread per announcement, but if you have had a good experience with one who is getting a poor review, feel free to step in and explain your experience, or post a link to an already existing thread.

    Again, be objective!! Keep in mind that this forum is public, vendors can see whatever it is that you write, good or bad. Also know, that since this is public, that the information and experiences that you post here may be used in their own vendor reviews if they like what you have to say.
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    For one of our sites, I put this caption on the Vendor Feedback forum:

    Have a vendor you really like? . . Or one that's on your black list? Tell your experiences/endorsements/gripes. (legal note: verifiable facts only-no judgements)
    Relating facts is generally not legally actionable. There are exceptions. Phraseology is very important in today's legal environment. Let the readers decide whether or not they think the vendor is good or bad... don't say things like, "X is a frickin' crook!", unless you have verifiable evidence of a legal conviction for some offense.

    Sticking with the facts lets you counter vendor complaints with, "Show me where what I have said is not true." Any opinions should be clearly delimited as, "In my opinion ...", because you're allowed to have an opinion and express it (most of the time) in this country. "In my opinion, X has not dealt with me in an ethical fashion", might not have quite the psychological effect as "X is an unethical vendor", but its also less likely to require an expensive attorney to help you deal with the consequences.

    And please remember, none of the above constitutes legal advice, because there are exceptions. Since this message was sent using recycled electrons, it is possible that it has been corrupted by anomalies in the space-time continuum that might morph it into something resembling legal advice, but that was not what it was when it left my fingers.

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