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  • Brothers Slip On

    My son put a Brothers slip on exhaust on a 2014 Honda cb500X. I am riding that bike now and considering putting the stock exhaust back on.

    The bike seems to run fine and has a nice sound. It will pop a bit when you come off the gas. But the popping can be mostly avoided with smooth throttle control.

    I am wondering if the slip on exhaust has any performance or maintenance issues. Are there any tuning adjustments that should be made if I leave the slip on.

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    Hi Sorg, what did it do to the bikes fuel consumption? That is one of the best performance indicators, your motor has PGM-Fi so it will sort itself out to some extent when you change the exhaust restriction. The popping is likely a lean fuel condition, if the combustion mixture is too lean, raw fuel will end up collecting in the exhaust which then ignites from the following exhaust flame. Make sure your air filter is perfect or that could exasperate a lean operating condition.


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      Hi Trials. Thanks for the useful reply as always.

      Have not ridden enough to get a sense for fuel consumption and the slip on has been on the bike for three years.

      I just replaced the air filter. Should be good, but I will check it.