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Help! Where do I find help?

If you need assistance with the site, or if you can't log in, you have 3 forms of contacting us so that we can help you out.

1.) The Support Forum is the place where you can submit a ticket for your problems. Support is usually around 24-48 hours.

2.) The Contact Us Page is a direct form that emails the administrators of the site. Support here is usually around 24 hours.

Avatars and Sig Images PLEASE READ!!!


Please keep in mind all forum users with your avatar and your sig images. Not everyone has broadband so we need to make sure that their visit here is just as enjoyable. Please keep your sig images to a size NO MORE than 350x100 and less than 20k in file size. As for avatars, the forum max is 96x96, and everyone who has uploaded one seems to be doing fine, however for those who link to an offsite avatar, please keep in mind that I request (I'm not going to go around policing avatars) a max size of 100x100 and a file size of about 15k. If you could keep those other dialup users in mind, I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

Revision: Sig lines should not have a size attribute any greater than 3. Thanks

How do I donate?

So, you're thinking to yourself, "Hey, self, I like it here, and I would like to donate some money to ensure stays strong for a long time to come. How would I do that?"

Well, that's a mighty good question. At the bottom of each page is a link that will allow you to directly donate to our hosting company. This is where you can donate via paypal. The funds go directly to our host and the management has no hand in the pot whatsoever. These donations go directly to site expenses. You can also go here: which allows you to put money into our general fund. appreciates any and all contributions to the site. Thanks so much for your support!

What is Customarily Minded, and how is it affiliated with

A few of the folks here may have already glimpsed some of this, but for the rest not in the know here's the full scoop.

It's been a while now, and after a year or so of badgering from the former clan and a bit of the back-and-forth between myself and DBoogie here, I am happy to announce that my former Customarily Minded articles from the "glory days of Beginner Bikes" are all reprinted here (and soon to be at as well). Hit the "articles" tab in the header above and you will see the "Customarily Minded" title, every editorial of mine that appeared at Beginner Bikes has now been reprinted and loaded there.

But wait, there's more! As many of the former folks recall, back in January 28th of 2005 the veil of darkness finally settled upon what was our fave site at the time, and Beginner Bikes fell off the web along with all the valuable info within, lost forever.

Of course preceding all that was the forum closure about a month earlier, and the subsequent creation of KZRob's BBRC (now "Staggered Riders" at Delphi) in an attempt to regroup the forum members at large in order to decide what to do next. Which brings us to the two large offshoot communities of "Beginner and Beyond" and "Beginner Bikers".

So to celebrate the one year anniversary of these two offshoot sites, as well as in recognition of our roots, on January 28th I will shine a light into that well of darkness that was once Beginner Bikes and publish an all new Customarily Minded to kick off these events, and I will be able to publish new content regularly once more and "resurrect a part of what once was".

Special thanks to said badgering beginner bikers that lit that fire under my butt once more. Happy reading!

Are there any books recommended for beginning riders?

I'm glad you asked. We happen to have a Recommended reading list located in our Links Gallery

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