My Iron Butt SaddleSore 1000 Log

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Writing this up for future reference.

July 6, 2014

To whom it may concern,

Greetings, Please find attached my application for the SaddleSore 1000. I have attached the receipts, a copy of the exact route taken via MyTracks from google, and this document with the zoomed in map shots of the stops.

I kept my log real time during the ride and my handwriting is far from great so here is the data in typed form:

# Date Time & Zone Location Odometer Notes
1 7/5/14 10:05a/Eastern Noblesville, IN 24895 Start, time on receipt shows 9:52, this is inaccurate
2 7/5/14 11:59a/Eastern Lawrenceburg, IN 25018
3 7/5/14 2:20p/Eastern Wapakoneta, OH 25160
4 7/5/14 4:10p/Eastern Holland, OH 25253 Extended stop, meal and rest
5 7/5/14 6:50p/Eastern Grand Blanc, MI 25359
6 7/5/14 8:45p/Eastern Grayling, MI 25507
7 7/6/14 12:00a/Eastern Alma, MI 25651 Extended rest stop
8 7/6/14 2:50a/Eastern Fort Wayne, IN 25839
9 7/6/14 4:40a/Eastern Noblesville, IN 25938 FINAL - END

Any ET mention on my log references Eastern Time


Dash after the ride:

Gps after the ride:
Trip computer says 1030.2, however the GPS was reset at my home, 3 miles from my first fuel stop. So the accurate mileage should be 1027.2.

Stop 1 - START

Stop 2

Stop 3

Stop 4

Stop 5

Stop 6

Stop 7

Stop 8

Stop 9 - FINAL

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