Earlier in 2016, I purchased my goldwing, and my Time Out motorcycle camper. I spent a fair amount of time cleaning the camper, rewiring the trailer, and getting the tent repaired so this past weekend it was time to take her for her first run under my ownership! So prepped to go, we depart headed for Plymouth IN to crash at a Holiday Inn Express for the night. Sounds dumb I know, but it was just way to get a few hours north after working hours.

Here's the SS Goldwing ready to depart;

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The intent was to spend two nights up at the Cycle Moore campgrounds in Interlochen, Michigan. There are lots of nice riding roads, and sights around the area, and based on the reading Cycle Moore was supposed to be the place to go. It was a leisurely ride from Plymouth, IN, departing at just before noon. I failed miserably and did not check the tire pressure so it took me a little time to get the trailer tires properly pumped up at the gas station. Woops.

Cycle Moore was about 200 miles from Plymouth and we arrived at about 4 or so and started setting up camp. The place was dated, but I wont go much into a review on the place. There's one in the Michigan state section on motocampers.com. We took an electrical spot and started to investigate our surroundings.

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The wood stash was found, but unfortunately it was wet and sappy and took about 3 hours to get a hot fire going. The window had passed to make our chicken dinner pockets that we had prepped in the cooler. Freeze dried camp rations and beef jerky it was. lol.

The campgrounds had a family reunion going on and they seemed fine. They wound down at about 11 as we sat around the fire and talked. Ended up turning in around midnight and found the camper surprisingly comfortable. We woke up in the morning, got showered and cleaned up and tried to decide what we were going to do for the remainder of the trip. I was unimpressed with Cycle Moore and had also remembered that I was on-call for work - so I had to be back earlyish on Monday.

The plan was decided - Leave Cycle Moore, trail along the lake on the western side of the state, and head into Holland State Park in Holland, MI. There were a few pit stops along the way, and the scenery was great.

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We arrived in Holland at about 5 or so and set up camp. The folks at the park campground check in station were pretty nice and considered our requests when placing us into a site. The site itself was actually quite nice, except nowhere near level. It was quite awkward for a motorcycle. The rangers drove by and told me to move my bike as we were setting up. It turned out OK, but parking your bike on an incline in the sand with roots everywhere is likely not the best parking space for a heavy motorcycle.

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Tear down on Monday morning was a lot easier having done this a few times now. We were up by 810, and rolling by 9. I wanted to stay a little longer in the park, but the campgrounds were decent, and the facilities were actually pretty nice [for a campground]. The downside to Holland State Park was that it was verrry busy. Lots of people and campers everywhere. And a lot of them took slow double takes looking at the motorcycle camper. Creepers.

Learned a few things on this trip. Most of which was the fact that the cargo area of the Time Out is in the interior of the camper. You have to move your stuff 2 or 3 times during tear down and set up. That annoys me. I have a set of mattress pads that go on the top of the camper while its rolling. I think I will go ahead and get a cargo bag for like an SUV to put on top of the mattress pads. It will cinch down to the cross bars nicely and will make moving stuff a heck of a lot easier.

Well, the wing is washed and back in its place...ready for another adventure.