This year I have taken it upon myself to try out camping. Specifically on the motorcycle. Last year, I had an unofficial camping weekend that consisted of me freezing my ass off the first night. I conceded the second night and found someone who had a free bed in their hotel room. It was a COG event, so most folks were pretty friendly and offered solutions, so it worked out the second night.

This year, I'm going full on. I am preparing food, I've devised a menu, gathered supplies, and tools, and I think it's go time.

Heading out on Monday to Tennessee, about an hour south of Nashville. Strange finding in TN only showed a few state parks with camping facilities. Very much opposite of Wisconsin, where I originally booked, that has a state park at every stones throw. I moved my reservation because weather next week in MI and WI is supposed to be crap. Rain nearly every day. So, TN is supposed to be clear all week. Also give me an opportunity to get some national park stamps in my collection passport.

Anyhow, because I had a relatively large trailer at my disposal, I have packed comfortably. I have a large 36" duffel w/ my tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and other misc goodies. I also have a popup chair, and will likely take my screened in canopy for cooking/meals.