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The concours is about 95% back to glory. Everything is reattached and there a few smaller issues that need to be addressed (maybe).

I received the seat back last week and it looks great. The local shop did it for $175 and I think it looks as good as it did when it came off the line from corbin. Everything is buttoned up and there is a few screws missing for the fairing, but I'll get that taken care of courtesy of ace hardware.

After the water pump snafu was corrected, I was still getting a few drops of coolant on the garage floor, and found that there is a small leak in what is called the coolant log. It basically distributes the coolant into the engine and its mounted to the front. It's a common issue that the orings need to be replaced, so I will get those ordered at some point soon. Since I've been riding it lately I think the existing rings have re-sealed since the water level was low. I think they just dried out a little. With that said, I will replace them, but over the past few days there has been no coolant on the floor, so I think it's fine for now.

As soon as my schedule allows, I have my tires in stock and paid for at cycle outfitters and they just need to be installed. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday. We'll see.