Over last weekend I had made a run to my storage unit, and there on the floor laid a little white baggie wrapped in tape right where the motorcycle was parked. Could it be?! YES!!! It was my missing bolts! Ecstatic as a little boy at christmas I ran home to bolt the fairing on. A buddy had come over to do some welding on my mower for me, and as he did that, I started putting the fairing back on. I retired from that task for a moment to help him, and continued the next day to find that I had damn near everything I was missing! At the end of the day I am missing a few Unuts for the cowl, and a rubber trim piece that wraps the inner fairing. All and all, not bad for a move plus being in storage for months.

So, sitrep, water pump, fixed? Check. Oil changed? Check. Coolant in and not over heading? Check. Fairing on? Check. Washed and lookin' pretty? Check. House chores done? Nope. It's time to ride!

Took the bike out on sunday for an extended run around town. Did about 100 miles and made various stops. I was somewhat concerned about a breakdown, but she was just fine. My indecisive buddy and I just ran around and did errands and hung out, nothing major though I was confident we could have made a brown county ride before sundown.

Through our errands, I did stop at the local bike shop and purchased tires. 417 bux. Yeeeesh. Tire prices are going up I guess, and the tires that I like for my connie, are starting to thin. There is a strange rear size tire, and metzler is all but making it anymore. Unfortunately the avons that are also available have horrible wet weather traction, but I got lucky and that had one coming in this week. I went ahead and snatched it up.

Last piece of this overly expensive puzzle, the seat. I priced a local joint for 175 and its minutes from my house. I went with them. While I was at the bike shop on sunday I asked for a referral, but their referral was $275, so pass on that. Should be the end of the week when its done, and I'm crossing my fingers. Worst week ever to NOT have my motorcycle. So, I'm getting antsy that I have no seat for my bike, but I'm looking forward to the machine being complete again.