Last night I went ahead and swapped o-rings as I had mentioned prior. I had an ingenious idea to just stuff the manifold pipe with towels to prevent drainage. That didnt work. So, I got some drainage, not much actually so less antifreeze I have to figure out what to do with. Thankfully the new water pump came with a few extra o-rings for this purpose. Even more thankfully I didn't throw them away when I did the first repair. Greased it up and slid it on and back went the manifold. Pretty drama free actually, knock on wood. Took it out for a nice midnight ride around. Man, its been a long time since I've ridden socially. Monitored over night and found no leaks! yay!

In the last month, I have moved and that included cleaning up my workbench area where I had set aside all my bolts and fasteners for the fairing. All that stuff is gone. Crap. So I matched up a few bolts at the hardware store and the fairing is sorta on. At least it doesnt look like its under major surgery anymore. So, off to murphs I go to order a replacement bolt kit, and a set of fairing U nuts. Ok, so another 60 bucks in the hole and the fairing should be good.

Last step that is necessary is the seat to get recovered. The entire thing is gorilla tape right now, and that just isn't acceptable. Got a quote of $175 and a week turn around from a local joint, so I think I'll run with that. When thats done, I dont think I'll have any further expenditures.....hopefully. I think we're in the home stretch of getting back on the bike again.