So, for the last week the water pump has been at the local machine shop since the bolt sheered off. 40 bucks later (cheaper than a new water pump and OK in my book) and shes back on. I had my first ride without a breakdown today! Not far, didn't stray far from home, but ran about 10 miles around the lake and ran to the hardware store.

Have another repair issue, I didn't pay attention that few of the o-rings needed to be replaced on the manifold pipe, so I have to drain the coolant again and replace it. Nothing major, but shes still leaking a little bit. Have to find all the bolts that I had from disassembly and I think we're ready to ride! Fresh gas and she is sounding good again. Had been hesitant off the line before, but gas was like 2 years old. I will wait to get the repairs finally completed before I give it a good wash. Also need to get the seat recovered, and I need to get that done quick.