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  1. SOA DUdeman

    One more for the infamous Dudeman Files ( )
    SOA Dudeman

    These days I've been working security for a high rise condominium complex that opened in 2009. The original condo owners paid $500K for the lower end units and the top floor unit went for $8M. For those who have been living in a cave during these past few years, that was just as things were accelerating downhill in the ...
  2. So I Went to the DMV Today...

    ...and finally got my M endorsement!

    Just kidding, I've had that for a while now. Nay, I merely went there to donate to the state coffers once again via a registration renewal but this time I took the Rebel. I figured while I was there I'd take a putt around their riding test course, something I've been dying to try on the Rebel. I mean I've done it with every other bike I own or owned (which includes attempts on my long fork bikes LOL) and even with a few friends' bikes as I ...
  3. Yet another applicant for the Dudeman Files

    So I stopped at my FLIBS to order a sending unit, it seems my fan isn't kicking on and the motor is running hotter as such. In theory, a quick and simple chore, right?


    Not when the person in front of you is a dudeman.

    For twenty minutes I had to subject myself to listening to this utter moron who tried to convince both the parts counter guy and shop owner that you really can fit a square peg into a round hole. As it turned out, our Dudeman was in a particular
  4. Another one for the dudeman files...

    Stop me if you've heard this one before: A motorcycle enthusiast rides his bike to the bank one day...

    No, wait --- this always works better in the first person narrative.

    "Behold: it's 20/20 Dudeman!"

    I rode my red dragger to the bank today, and a storefront security guard hanging around outside starts making small talk with me.

    "Nice bike, man!" (there's half of the dudeman title from the start ) Before I can even ...