Will this create a new blog, or go along with the original? Guess I'll find out.

The farkling continues.

Added risers. Raises the grip ~2', and brings them back ~.75". Makes for a more upright (and comfortable) riding position for me.

Two RAM balls is probably excessive, but doesn't hurt to have them even if I don't need the second one. Not sure if I like the GPS here. Maybe I just don't like the positioning.

I also added a 2-ball Ram mount on the clutch reservoir perch. Thought this would be a good place to mount the camera.

Contour 1080HD from Vholdr. Either the mounting or location are providing too much vibration. I guess it could be the camera, though. I'll have to try things to reduce the vibes on accel. The camera can't handle generous application of throttle...video gets all wavy.

The second ball on the perch allows me to add the truly import farkle....the CUP HOLDER!

Now I won't have to stop at every bar I see, I can just have one for the road...while on the road.