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Firstgear Powercruiser jacket


  • Firstgear Powercruiser jacket

    I purchased this jacket a few weeks ago and thought I'd go ahead and post a review. I can't give a durability review since it's new but I'll give my overall feelings of the jacket.

    First off since I ride a cruiser I wanted a cruiser styled jacket and I wanted leather. Many of the jackets on the market are geared looks wise more towards a sport bike and this was one of the few that I felt conveyed the image of the late 50's leather jackets.

    I paid $329.00 for the jacket and when I looked at all the features of the jacket it turns out to be a great deal.

    The jacket has two airflow zippers on each arm and one on each side of the chest. On the back there are two very big open zippers that allow lots of air flow. So far I've ridden in temps as high as 76 degrees and there is plenty of ventilation to keep me more than cool on rides around town and on the highway. At those temps if I'm standing still it's a little warm, but even movement of less than 10mph sends lots of air through the jacket. I would venture to say this jacket will stay comfortable with tempratures into the mid to upper 80's if you are highway cruising.

    This jacket also works very well with cold weather. I have ridden to work in the morning in temps around 38 degrees with just the jacket and a long sleeve T-Shirt. The collar actually unbuttons allowing you to zip the jacket all the way up and snap the collar around your neck for wind protection up to your chin. The jacket also has a nice heavy (full jacket, i.e. chest and arms) removable liner. On the 38 degree morning I was plenty warm enough with just the jacket and the T-Shirt.

    For utility, the jacket has a cell phone pocket on the front, coin pocket on the arm and two pockets on the body of the jacket.

    Fit wise, it's one of the few jackets that really fit my body. I have wide shoulders, a big chest and a moderate sized mid section (52 jacket size with 40" waist). The XXL size fits my shoulders perfectly and the double belt design on both sides of the jacket allow me to tighten the jacket enough to fit snugly around my mid section which keeps the jacket from poofing up at speed with the vents open. I also don't have to unbuckle a belt when taking off the jacket since they are off to the side.

    The jacket does not come with any armor, but there are pockets where you can add armor if you wish, so it has some upgrade capability.

    Overall I give this jacket 5 stars (out of 5). It's very versital, very comfortable, has lots of features and the price is low enough that almost anybody can afford it for a first riding jacket. This is one jacket that I feel was designed by bikers for bikers. If you are in the market for a new leather jacket, the Firstgear Powercruiser Jacket is well worth a look.

    Here are the stock specifications for the jacket from the First gear web site:

    Firstgear Powercruiser Jacket
    New! 2004 Models

    • Top grain, medium weight, drum dyed leather (9mm)
    • Removable thermal liner for cold weather
    • Cuff Vent System on each arm (CVS) patent pending
    • Zippered vents n front chest, back and upper sleeves
    • Adjustable leather side waist belts with buckles
    • Heavy duty YKK zippers
    • Pockets for optional armor padding
    • 2 zippered handwarmer pockets, 3 inside storage pockets
    • 2 front storage pockets, 1 coin pocket on sleeve
    • Arm length stretch cordura panels for comfort and fit
    • Powerstretch leather panels on shoulders
    • 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty
    Firstgear Powercruiser Jacket - $329.95

    2.5 month / 2500 mile review

    I continue to be impressed with this jacket. Since my original review I have been able to ride in hotter temperatures up to 96 degrees and I have found it's comfort limits when it comes to hot temperatures. With the liner out and all vents open, I found the Powercruiser jacket to be comfortable to temperatures around 90 degrees. As long as you maintain 10 mph or more the jacket vented really well and kept me comfortable with out overheating.

    When it got as hot at 96 degrees out the jacket continued to vent well, but the temps were just too high to continue to cool me off even at speed.

    The overall quality, though I've only spent a few months with the jacket, continues to impress. I've had zero problems with the jacket to this point.

    Overall after 2.5 months and 2500 miles I still give this jacket 5 stars. It's incredibly versatile, vents very well, keeps me comfortable in a wide range of temperatures and looks great (I've had several great comments towards the jacket). It's well worth the look if you are in the market for a more classic styled, mid grain, leather jacket.
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