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Thread: Super Bowl Predictions?

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    Super Bowl Predictions?


    Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings

    Winner: Steelers
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    My Super Bowl predictions:

    1) The commercials will be more entertaining than the game.
    3) There will more media coverage about the 5-second delay prompted by last year's Nipplegate than there will be about the teams and the host city combined.
    4) By this time next year, hardly anyone will remember who played, much less who won.

    Man...I am cynical this morning. I never could get the hang of Mondays.

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    Indy over St. Louis in a rout.

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    Re: Super Bowl Predictions?

    Quote Originally Posted by PARider

    Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings

    Winner: Steelers
    Gee surprise, PARider picks the Steelers

    Well lets just look at what happened the last time the Steelers booked their Superbowl hotel rooms before they won the AFC, I think I remember a little team called the PATRIOTS that blew away their SuperBowl dreams. AND, before you mention that the Stealers Opps I mean Steelers won their one head to head this year, it was the only game they lost without Cory Dilllion (1600+ yards).

    So my pick is Pats vs. Minn.

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    Anyone but the STEELERS!!! If there is a God.....

    I'd also prefer the Colts not win but it won't kill me.
    I'd also prefer not seeing NE win, they are getting to dominate.

    That being said..... The Steelers look unbeatable. I think the Stillers D can handle Peyton and Co. The Pats should be able to beat the Stillers but we saw what happened a few weeks ago.

    NFC, who knows, they are a joke this year anyone left could make it to the dance. The Vikes will be crushed if they face the Stillers, Pats or Colts.

    All the teams I was pulling for lost this weekend

    Of course MY team didn't get an invite to the post season. Long live Super Bowl XXXV.

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    Steelers over the Rams. But what do I know? In my pool I only picked one game right this past weekend!

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    I predict 5 hours of television coverage for 20 minutes of game play. I also predict anyone watching while sober will bored out of their gourd.


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    Pittsburgh Steelers! One for the thumb! The Terrible Towel will be flying Saturday!!!

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    I am going for the Steelers although they have played the HEck out of Poor Ben and he may not have it in him for the Big Game(I know, Sacrilege but let's face it, how many times have we Steeler fans seen this scenario in the last few years?) That said I am 110% behind them but if by some F-ed up chance they don't make it, I would like to see ANYONE but the Pats and Brady in there because they/he are becoming the Niners/Montana of the NFL and I am just about sick of hearing about them/him. And yes, I am from California, the Bay Area to be exact, born and raised and I cannot stand the Niners. I respect the Raiders but the Niners irk the Bejeezus out of me.
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    I'll agree that Roethlisberger has been playing a lot (it's a little hard to disagree), but I have complete confidence that he'll be able to step up and make the plays. Even if he doesn't, IMO Maddox has shown himself to be a very capable sub, but only when he's playing second string. Tommy seems to screw up when he's the designated starter.
    After suffering through Brister, O'Donnell, and Cordell, I'm stoked that Pittsburgh finally has what appears to be an outstanding QB and a well-rounded team to boot.


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