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Thread: KBC Helmet Replacement Cheek Pads

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    Question KBC Helmet Replacement Cheek Pads


    I just got my KBC VR-2 Steath Helmet in the mail. It fits my head just fine but the cheek pads are really tight. I looked around at the usual sites for info but I'm unsure as to how to order it. Should I order a size or two smaller cheek pad? In other words would a small size check pad fit my XL helmet? The KBC site just says replace the cheek pads but offers no further info.

    If anyone has one of these helmets please help a newbie out!


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    After you wear the helmet for a bit, things like cheek pads will adjust to the shape of your face and feel less tight. Most folks find that helmets have tight spots on new helmets, things compress a lil and fit better after use. Some folks wear the helmet around the house for a couple days to expedite the break in.

    Can't say whether a cheek pad from a small helmet would actually be smaller than a xl, but if it is it is probably the circumference and not the thickness that would vary.



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