If you win it in a raffle going on in Tampa area...turns out the WWE's menacing 'Undertaker' is a softie for sick kids... no surprise there, actually, since most pro wrestlers a) have to get along with each other; and b) are as much showmen and marketers as they are athletes, maybe more so. Have met several pro wrestlers off-stage through the years, and found them all to be pleasant and intelligent, regardless of their mat persona ...
Oh, and they were going to demolish the bike as a TV stunt - yikes!
Anyway, from the St. Pete Times:

"...West Coast Choppers of Long Beach, Calif., built this impressive machine. The company has made a name for itself outfitting celebrities with the expensive choppers. These custom-made babes require patience, because delivery can take 18 months.
This one was to be a prop in a WWE match involving the Undertaker.
As the story goes, the four-time WWE champion was supposed to ride into the arena on this bike and get ambushed by his opponents, who were then supposed to demolish the bike. Professional wrestling crowds go crazy for that stuff.
Unfortunately for the crowds but fortunately for the [charity group home] Angelus, the bike arrived a week late for the wrestling match...
On Nov. 17, when the Angelus holds its Charlie [Daniels] Palooza auction of 40 autographed guitars at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Tampa, the Undertaker will take a final ride on the chopper.
He's booked to ride into the event in Tampa astride the bike in a cloud of fog. The 500 raffle tickets will go for $100 each..."