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Thread: MSF Scooter class on TWT

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    MSF Scooter class on TWT

    There was a feature on Two Wheel Tuesday about the MSF Scooter school in Miami Fla.
    I was impressed that they covered the class and showed a variety of traditional and maxi-scoots.
    I was confused however when they said it was a half day class.
    The exercises they had the students go through looked like the same ones I had in the BRC, but that class was two and a half days.
    Are the DMV requirements for M endorsement being met by this class , or is there a different class that is longer and gets you the M?

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    I took the first ever MSF Scooter School here in Dallas. They used the same course book the motorcyclists use. (I've also taken the MSF BRC on a MC.) We went through all the drills except those that pertained to clutch use. The last day turned out to be only a half day due to the "shifty" material not being used.

    I caught about the last 5 seconds of the TWT segment, so did not see it. I replied to Prester_John's post about the MSF Scooter course I took. I was the only maxi-scoot in my class. All the others were the smaller 125 or less cc's, and those guys can really go through the exercises quickly. I can understand how the actual riding part of the course may be only half a day long - though that seems a little short to me. I hope they also have to do the written part as well, which may not have been mentioned in TWT's piece.

    Someone else in the other thread also mentioned that there may be part 1 and part 2 classes - SS1 and SS2. Every state is different, though they have to meet MSF standards.

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